Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2 days!!

I am so excited! Finally a home that is ours and we get to live in it and create memories and we don't have to worry about rent being raised in a year or where is the closest park and NO more moving (after this weekend.)

Today I went to Fred Meyers. They were having a sale and I got 4 wood folding chairs at $8.99 each. They are usually $19.99. They are going to come in handy so we don't have to all sit in the bulky office waiting room chairs that take up half the dining area. Also we might be hosting Christmas...well we don't celebrate but I plan to do at least one special meal while both my parents are visiting and while my mom and my husband's sister and kids are visiting.

My new fridge is ordered as well as my new washer and dryer. Unfortunatly they won't be delivered until November 25th. At least we have the downstairs fridge and we can do laundry at the appartment until we turn in the keys. I am also calling a bath in my jetted tub Saturday evening. = )

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are offically home owners, but we don't move until next week. Here are some pictures with the orginal owners furniture.

Downstairs bathroom/hall

Downstairs bedroom and living space

Downstairs kitchen

Laundry room


Formal dining

formal dining

formal living

our little sun room (6 sky lights in the ceiling)

Friday, October 23, 2009

The weirdest things happen

My husband and I were at a cross roads...We spent two days fighting. I said A had to go, my husband said he wasn't done with A yet. Yesterday I was finally convincing my husband that you can lead a camel to water but you can't make him drink.
Not even 2 hours later A comes home from school with what is for him a huge apology. Basically the two days we basically shunned him and took away his music he has been thinking. He realized that he would rather be here than anywhere else and life here isn't bad at all, in fact it is rather good, so if he has got to stop some attitude and practice being considerate that is what he wants to do. He also felt like I was the enemy (because I was always displining) and because he always felt his father was the enemy. He said he really thought about it logically and realized it made no sense. Why would I take 2 weeks out of my life to move him up here. Buy him things, sign him up for classes he is interested in, etc.

My husband and I both told him that is great and all but he will have to always be proving himself with his actions and that we (my husband and I) need to talk and figure out what our next step is.

So we have decided he can stay on a week to week basis. We will be seeking him some counseling and if he doesn't prove himself, we will be buying him a plane ticket the next day.

I hope this works out. Last thing I want is more drama in my life.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who does this...

What 15 year old doesn't know to put the non resealable lunch meat into a zip lock especially after being reminded 2 minutes earlier? I'll tell you ...a lazy, inconsiderate, selfish 15 year old who lives in my house because his mother never had the balls to enforce a single word that ever came out of her mouth. The lunch meat of course had juice in it and of course he laid the package on it's side so then it dripped all over the fridge.
This after an afternoon of lies and arguing. Honestly I don't want him in the new house. I wish I could send this to her without great backlash:

I am not sure I want your son in my house.
He is inconsiderate and disrespectful.
He lies and argues for the sake of argueing.
He lacks responsibility and initiative.
He is teaching my children bad habits and at times trying to make them go against my words.
You have allowed him to develop into this person for 15.5 years and I am at a loss for how to undo this damage.

As a fellow mother I beg of you not to allow this to happen to your other two children.
Be consistant. Say what you mean, and mean what you say, and follow it up with actions.
Teach them to pick up after themselves without supervision or constant reminder.
Teach them about money and how it works. Teach them the golden rule.
Teach them that to recieve respect you must first give it. Teach them that to argue, lie, and deceat gets you only trouble and loneliness.
Teach them that if you take others down the wrong path with you, your punishment will be double.

I think this also serves as a reminder to myself and other mothers that we need to keep our children in check and take off our goggles once in a while.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All signs point...

Lets see....crampy all day yesterday, STARVING today, craved hamburger 2 days ago, my husband felt the same way 2 nights ago as he did when we concieved Zuzu. Took a test today just to make sure and it was negative....might just test again this weekend if I continue to feel this way. Honestly, I am hopeing for another June baby...might as well keep up a good thing :)

In other news my mom is in the hospital due to complications assocated with her bone marrow transplant. She is a fighter though and she wants to watch her grandbabies grow up so I know she will be fine and up here visiting us before the year is over.

A now sit in the dark all by himself when watching TV which is a fantastic accomplishment for him. His grades could be better but he is working harder than he was 2 years ago so got to give him credit.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Less than 8 weeks to go

We move into our new house in less than 8 weeks and we get the keys the first week in November. I am very excited but it still seems so far away and untanglible (maybe because I have moved so many times and it hasn't sunk in yet.)

My nephew is doing okay. He has his good weeks and bad weeks. This last week was a bad one. He fails to take responsiblity for hiself. He missed school, I wrote him a note to take to the office and told him exactly what to do and why and he thought hanging out for his friends the extra 5 minutes was more important. So then we got a lovely note from school letting us know that he was unexcused for those two days. Then he wanted me to call the school for him and take care of it. Of corse I told him to take responsiblity and take care of it himself. My husband also had to teach him how to use a planner last night. Almost 16 years old and he had no idea, just had his own system that wasn't working.

Zuzu is doing well. She is not really reading yet but she has taken a very strong interest in reading programs (on TV.) She is learning about different letter blends right now. This week in Oak Meadow we are learning about the letter C and the number 2. We fell behind last week because she was sick.

Gibo is building his vocabulary and learning about speach patterns. He now fights back when Zuzu picks on him. I plan to transistion him to sharing a room with Zuzu when we move. Yesterday we found out he is for sure allergic to cashews...and who knows what else.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

a house?

So we put in an offer on a house. The offer was basically every penny we could scrape up without putting ourself into a world of hurt. They accpeted our offer and inspection is today. The house is a custom built house with everything you would want in a house. Lifetime roof and siding. 2800 finished sq feet with a 700 sq ft basement. A MIL unit (so we can rent it out if things get tight). Has the lot size we wanted. All copper plumbing, central vacuum, generator hook-up, huge bedrooms with huge closets. 3 bathrooms. Jetted master bath (with marble). Porch swing. You want it....this house has it. The only fall doesn't look like much from the outside, the master bath carpet needs to come up and be replaced with tile or something, and it would be nice to fence in the yard for the kids....oh and it would be prefered if the formal living and dinning room were hardwood instead of carpet.

In family in laws are here for a week visiting. My father in law has been the encouragement that I needed in regards to A. He hasn't seen A in over a year (before he went in a downward spiral) and he says that he says great improvments from that point in time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just shoot me

G had his circumcision on Friday. He had it done at one of the top 5 children's hospitals in the US, but that didn't make it any easier. He couldn't eat/nurse starting at 1am the day before and he went into surgery an hour late. I took my boy back because I didn't want him to have "happy juice" the last thing I want is more drugs and chemicals in his little system. It was so weird and sad being without him for 2 hours. His little pee pee looked horrible. I am a girl and I wanted to cry looking at it from how painful it looked. He was feeling good on drugs most of the first day and by the second day he was dancing around and having a good time. It still looks scary but it is getting better. Needless to say...don't wait. If you are going to do it, do it while your boy is a month old or less.

Sunday night basically we discussed it and of course it is all my fault that Z stutters. As soon as I come under a good amount of stress her stuttering becomes 3 times worse. Will my husband help me aliveate my problems, no. Besides the teenager and all the issues I am dealing with there my mom is undergoing a lot of different things with her cancer and everyday is like a roller coaster. Sunday night I asked for 5 minutes of peace outside on our little 3x12 balcony and instead of giving it to me, my husband stands in the door with G asking me to come in and take him. WTF? Does he not understand that I need 5 minutes with everything going on in my life. Luckily he finally took G and went to bed and I was able to talk to a friend which made me feel better and semi-human again. On top of that I am always hungry and tired and feel like shit. So either I am going to come up pregnant again soon or aunt flo is on her way.

Yesterday was good. We all got out, we all made friends and we got fresh air and exercise. Today we spent the morning out running errands and this afternoon back inside destroying the house and yelling at each other. Seriously I am at my wits end. I know we need a yard and space to move. I wish I could just magically pick a house and plop down the money and be done with it all. (Heck just finding a house that meets our needs that isn't a 1 hour commute for my husband would be nice.) At least tomorrow we get out to the park with other humans again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


SIL came this weekend to visit her boy. She got here.

Day one. Internet. Had to take quizes and then pass a test to clear a speeding ticket (45 in a school zone.) She takes the test she has to pass twice, both times not passing. Then she has her son take it for her, and of corse he passes it. A comes up proud that he knows his stuff and tells us he passed his mom's test. Baba and I tell him that is not okay, I tell him straight up, that is cheating. He tried to make excuses, I said, No that is cheating. His mother comes up about 1 minute behind him, saying "I passed my test." I looked up with a pissed off look in my eye and say, "You mean A passed the test for you??!!" (Did I mention she is a horrible driver and she would benefit from learning the street laws.)

Day 2. She is around when we have a conversation with A about how he may have had coffee when he lived with his mom but under no circumstances is he to have it before he is 18 while living with us. (A get easily addicted to things.) Later that day we pick A and his mom up from Target. She gets in the car we ask her, "Where is A?" "Getting coffee for us both." Baba replies, A and I just had a conversation this morning that he is to have no coffee. She replies, "Well, can't a mother treat her son." To which I reply, "No, he will have absoulutly NO COFFEE! It is NOT okay." (Had she kept going I would have said, why don't you just take him back with you and just buy him some weed while you are at it.) She was smart though, she knew to shut up. Luckily A knows, that when we say, no, we actually mean no, and he got himself a kid friendly treat. Then we told him we were proud of him for making a good choice.

There were also little other things that made me upset. She spent most of her time here on her mothers laptop. She basically flew here to use our internet I guess. While she was online, her son was just sitting around playing video games...nothing like old times. At one point I just disconnected the internet, about 20 minutes later she went out with her son to spend some time with him.
She wanted to help teach Zuzu Arabic...failed! Zuzu speaks and understands Arabic just fine (as well if not better than her own children), but she thought she needed to say a word in Arabic and then explain what is was in English. This is a person who was running her own Arabic school out of her house a year ago and who teaches at a preschool. Obviously she has no idea how to even teach (especailly a 2nd language.)

When the cheating thing came up I told my husband that he needed to address it with her, but he said it wasn't necessary because their parents are dealing with her. I told him so what we should just let her think that what she did was okay and let her continue to f-up the other 2 children?? Our walls are thin. I really hope she heard this part.

So she lies and cheats....does she steal (unknowingly) too??

Friday, July 31, 2009

Typical Day

I typed this out for something else and I thought it was interesting:

5am feed G (and he goes back to sleep)

6am Z potty and dressed and breakfast

7am G up and about 15 minutes of computer time

7:30 get DH out the door and everyone organized for the day

8am sometimes a quick errand or we just veg or do a few pages out of Z's work book, A is usually working on his academics

9:30 take A to school

10am errands or a fun morning outting

11am lunch (all)

12 nap (both kids)

12:30-1:30 mama's time

1:30 organize myself for the rest of the day (some dinner prep or quick pick up of messes.)

2pm pick up A

2:45-3:30 veg.

3:30 start Z on some activity

3:45ish start dinner

5pm eat

6pm go upstairs to play, baths, get ready for bed, stories

7:30pm lights out

8:30pm Z sleeping and A in his room, on a good day G is sleeping too.

8:30 get DH dinner and settle in for some gaming or something on Netflix

10ish head to bed, take Z potty

11pm I am usually IN bed

So yeah I am one of those lazy house wives as you can see. I really wish there more hours in the day.

Z has developed a studder. Baba says it is because I don't talk to her enough. I am thinking it is because she is picking up on my high stress and because every other time she tries to talk to me I am doing 3 other things and can't give her my full focus or A interups her. I am so ready for him to go home. It sounds horrible but I just want to be able to refocus on my beautiful children and not waste half of my day on a teenager who likes to argue. I have also noticed on 3 occasions now A has made up things that were not true. He also says he hears things in his head. I have a strong feeling he has a bit of schzophenia.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Still here...

Finally we developed a schedule that seems to work for the whole family. The younger kids get their nap, I get child free time for an hour or more, and we are all happy again.

G has dropped to one nap a day. He is giving me nice blisters from nursing. I am thinking about switching him to bottles or sippy cups for a while. I am also trying to have him spend more time sleeping in his crib. This has been working pretty well aside from Z jumping in with him (waking him and us up) during the night/early morning.

Z is so demanding and if I turn my back, she just helps herself. If I would let her she would watch Cinderella and play Wii all day. Nothing would make us both happier than a house with a yard and some pavment for riding her bike.

A is doing very well in school. 100% on everything and he is even catching all the teachers mistakes. He really is learning that hard work does pay off. Currently he is at summer school 2 hours and then he works on Biology the rest of the day in preperation for the start of school in fall (when he will completly retake the 10th grade.)

Meanwhile I am down to 121 lbs. Yay me! Last weekend I won a free massage. I didn't realized how messed up I was. (1 leg is even 1/8" shorter than the other from an old injury). They are doing lovely contruction on the already noisy 4 lane road next to our home. In good news we are going camping this weekend which hopefully means I can get some fresh air and relax a bit more. The whole family is really excited about this trip.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


We found what could have been the ideal house. We both liked it, we had the offer ready to go. It was close. It was liveable. It has space for everyone. must not have been the right house for us. We have the offer all printed up, just had to sign and send it in. Our agent's offices were closed for the holiday so it was going in Monday. Friday the listing agent called me and said there is another offer that is contengent on the sale of another home and that they would try to stall till Monday so they could also look at our offer. Well..........guess not. It came up contengent today. I am frustrated because we waited when we could have should have moved faster, but at the same time I have a feeling the timing wasn't right. I am sure there will be a better house for us....but 5 years later and 4, well almost 4 offers later, it kind of makes you wonder.
It is such a crime to want a yard for your children to play in. Is that really too much to ask?? I mean really I WANT a fu4king yard already. My daughter is 3 and she is missing out on some of the best life has to offer because her parents can't get thier sh1t together.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


I need to vent...
Why the f**k do people have kids and continue to have kids if they don't want them? Why do they allow them to get so completly messed up and then ask for advice and then continue along thier merry way as if they were given no advice.

Why am I the one undoing someone's mess up and allowing the child in my house and allowing the negative influence.

A is constantly arguing. Today we went to the store. Can I have this...can I have that.... Why...... but I want it. How about this? How about that.....why not???
I don't want to....but I am tired. No....I don't want to. How about later. It's hot outside.

Why can't people every mean what they say and follow through. Has his parents done that he would have never been in this mess in the first place.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Life keeps moving so quickly, somedays I barely know how I have time to breathe.
I am down to 123 lbs, which is good for me, but not quiet where I wanted to be a year later.

My laptop that has seen me through 3 years of breast feeding died last weekend. The battery was done, the CD drive was done, the case was cracking in multiple places, the hard drive decided it was done too. We don't have another HD sitting around so it is offically retired.

I finally got A (the 15 year old) a bed yesterday. He was sleeping on an air mattress. Now if only I can find a dresser.

My little G turns 1 year old on Saturday. He is up to 4 teeth. Takes 1-2 steps but not really walking yet.

We are no longer preventing child number 3, or 4 depending on how you are counting :)

Still looking and hoping for a house (or should I say a yard with a house) new goal is by 2010.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

2 weeks later

I am home.
Two weeks ago my husband was fed up with my sister in law letting the 15 year old do everything he wanted. So 10am I decided I needed to load up the kids and go do something about it. We left at noon, AKA nap time. We stopped once at a rest stop, then spent the night in Eugene. Then Friday morning we left at 4am and I drove till 6am with the kids sleeping. Then we had breakfast and we were in Redding at 9ish. Then Modesto by 2:30, after a couple of stops. We spent the weekend with my parents and then the week with my sister in law.
I spent 5 out of the 6 weekdays I was there, at the court house doing temporary guardianship paperwork and I am still not done yet. My sister in law is a very messed up person, and my guidance helped in some areas, but I could easily spend a month there. (Think the nanny tv show, but the nanny with 2 kids of her own, cause that is what it was.)
Yesterday we (Z, G, & 15 year old A) left California at 7am for home. We stopped for an early lunch, then left Redding at noon and made it to Eugene by 5pm. We arrived home before 11pm last night.
While I was away my husband put up the stairway gate, organized his closet, cleaned, did laundry, bought a table and lamp for Z.

So now we are 5...

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Wait there is more

We just found out my husband's aunt (her son is my husband's BFF, so to speak) has stage 4 cancer.
Another roller coaster year ahead....Hope you all are strapped in tight.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Wanted: 3 houses

So on one side we have my mom, fighting cancer and will hopefully under go steam cell in the next 2 months. Next to her we have my dad, who has managed to do damage to his spinal cord (who works as a laborer, I might add.) Who are "taking" care of my brother, who has schizophrenia. On the other side we have my husband's father who is recovering from pneumonia that put him in the ICU for 2 months (a year ago), and his wife (my mother in law) who has her diabetes under control. Then we have my sister in law who is having herself a pitty party after finally getting out of a 16 year marriage that she knew she should have never got into. She wants someone to hold her hand and her excuse for life is "my life is hard so I can't help it that I stay up till 2am cleaning and watching religious videos and then can't get out of bed at 6:30 to get my kids to school on time." Now her two oldest children say the exact same thing. "My life is hard so I can't help it if I smoke pot everyday" and "My life is hard so I can't help it if I lie and make shit up" (even though I know better.)
Who needs Jerry Springer when you have family...oh and I almost forgot...we have my brother in law who bought a 2009 Dodge Ram and just spent $18K on parts to make it totally white trash like, because he likes to "take care of his baby" who is going to sale when the 2010's come out (so he can start all over.) Then my brother who in general is doing well and hopefully his wife can find a job soon and they can both help take care of my parents.
So just to be safe, let's make it 4 houses on 5-10 acres or 4 houses right next to each other. Thank God our parents have enough money to sustain themselves for now and hopefully they will have enough money to help us buy/build all these houses.

Friday, May 01, 2009

11 months later

As you can tell I am still not down to where I need to be, but I am mostly content. I am also wearing my $5 jeans from Macy's children's department. The little man G was 23 lbs and over 31" long today.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Home schooling

I spent all of last week (8 hours a day) researching home schooling materials. I must have book marked 15 books and 20 sites. After all that work I went to Costco on Friday and they had 3 packs of Kumon books for $12.99 that were age appropriate. Right now the two I am focusing on is "Cutting" and "Tracing."
Cutting just requires your child to cut along the grey line. It starts off very simple and then progresses into cutting out fun things your child can play with. Yesterday she cut out a train that I taped together and today a she cut out two combs. We are currently on lesson 8 in the book.
Tracing is not really tracing right now as much as it is...draw a line from this point to that point and stay inside the lines. It will get her ready to write her own name by herself.
We also have "Coloring" and "Easy Mazes." Coloring has the child color in a shape within a picture, then a page of connecting two points without touching any objects along the way. Easy Mazes so far is very similar to the tracing book.
Our set also included "Upper Case Letters" and "Numbers 1-30." Both of those involve tracing the actual letters or numbers so I plan to wait until we finish a couple of the other books first.

After doing all my home school reseach I have decided that Zuzu will be starting a basic Kindergarten homeschool ciriculum this fall. The home school material is very basic and she already knows most of the academics covered in the programs I am interested in using with her. Right now I am thinking of using Oak Meadows and some Enki stories and then throwing in some more academic materials as we progress.

In other news I can squeeze into my smallest much so that I could wear them, but they just aren't comfortable. I am still hanging out at 126 but I am starting to get a waist back slowly. Must get down a little more by June....

Monday, April 20, 2009


It has begun. The open discussion of when to have child #3. I am excited to have another child, but the thought seems pre-mature since G is not even eating one solid meal a day. Then part of me thinks maybe it would be for the better just to have the closeness in age.
Did I mention my husband would like a March/April ('10) baby...

G just had his first swimming lesson yesterday. He looked so handsome in his little shorts. He is pretty fearless and calm in the water. He stuck his head down in the water numerous times and it never phased him.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time stops for no one

My son is almost 10 months old and in 3 months I will have a 3 year old. The reading is slowly coming along for the 3 year old. My son is crawling, pulling up, trying to stand alone and all that good stuff. 2 sets of stairs, despite my constant pestering, no gates have been put up. Instead of putting the gates up my husband taught my son how to climb up them. Yes we have already an incident that resulted in cut gums and a scrapped chin. Of course it was my fault cause I was the one who turned my back for 30 seconds.

My brother's wedding is in 1 week. I am down to 127....not the 122-123 I dreamed of. My husband has been supplying me with girl scout cookies for the last month. If I know him, he still has one or two more boxes in his car with my name on them. I still have a week left....I am aiming for 125 by the wedding. For some reason I feel rounder this time around than I did 2 years ago. My hips are also an inch wider. So they didn't go all the way back this time. I got myself something to suck it all in and hopefully it will make me feel a little better about myself when I stand next to people 10 years younger than me next week. Zuzu is very excited about getting to wear a white dress, just not sure how she will do with walking down the aisle and throwing some flowers.

My son is still not really eating solids. I give him a tiny bite of two off of my plate at best. He still looks at me, like I am trying to posion him.

I cut down on my grocery bill and no longer let my husband do the shopping. Which saves us any where from $100-200 a month. We also cut down on cable TV. We got rid of HBO and the big package "deal" with the DVR and now we have basic and a netflix subscription, saving us $40 a month.

My husband is tired of his job and wants to find a new one, but he says this every year. He just has some issues he needs to stand his ground on.

That's my current life in a nutshell.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby Legs Winner

I have sent the winner (Francis) an e-mail. I will try to e-mail again. If there is no response by tomorrow night I will pick a new winner on Monday.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Weight Loss

So those ticker people lost my ticker or disappeared.
So anyway...I think it started at 147 and my goal was 115lbs (cause I am short). Right now I am at 129 8 months after having a baby. I think my high during the pregnancy was 167.
My brother's wedding is in 2 months. I think it is reasonable to try to be 122-123 by then. I just hope the dress I have isn't too big if I get down to that weight... :D

Teaching a 2.5 year old to read?

My daughter has recently taken an interest in reading. She has known how to id all letters and letter sounds for the last 7 months or so. I think I am going to use a basic strategy. Start off with her sounding out "AT" and then adding different letters to the beginning of it. Then once we get that down I can start changing the end of the word to a different consonant. Then we can aim for really being able to read basic words and books this summer when she turns 3.
I have a feeling I am going to have my work cut out for me in a few more years...

Friday, February 06, 2009


I saw this in one of the blogs on the left so I thought I would share.

Free scissors and free lip gloss (voucher to pick up at one of their stores, there is one in San Francisco, but none in Washington.)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Great Gifts

Z got this for a Christmas gift. She loves it. She is actually getting kind of good at the letters (for a 2.5 year old.) It is endless hours of dry erase fun. She works on it by herself and sometime we work together. For $6 you really can't go wrong.

Okay I just saw this and had to share. I don't eat fruit roll-ups but if you do thisis for you This would be a fantastic birthday party favor, and $30 for 30 and free shipping using the code on their website...not too bad.

A trip to the allergist

Today was our second trip.
First trip it took one and a half hours for the doctor to look at my child's skin and do some online research while we were in the room. $200 billed to insurance.
Today we found out lil G has a latex allergy and I told her about the milk allergy incident. We did one shot (Prevnar) and then next time we do the Polio shot.
I got a prescription for one of those crazy pen shots that you use should Benedryl not be good enough. It is scary to think that I may have to use it someday, but I will not be afraid to use it should I need to. I also got a note to we can fly with it (since we fly a lot and have been known to eat airport food.)

I realized....I need to go back to my posts from 1 year ago...because the only things that have changed are our location, I have a handsome son now (vs. being pregnant), and instead of my husband's father being sick and worrying about him, we are now worried about my mom. The housing situation is exactly the same.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Give Away

I don't care for baby legs, but I got some for free when I ordered my last set of glamourmom nursing tops (which I no longer recommend because they switched to a lower quality fabric that piles.)

So here is the deal leave a comment (with your e-mail address, I will not publish it) between now and Saturday (Feb. 7th) and I will randomly pick a winner and mail try to mail them out in time for Valentines Day. I will not mail them outside of the U.S. , so my apologies to my international readers.

We are moving

So I just unpacked my husbands clothes a month ago. He needed winter clothes and he ever unpacked his self. A few things (decorative) never got unpacked.
Now our lease is up in a month and if we don't get out by then the rent goes up $400 or about 25%. Do we have a place lined, but there is one potential. I wish the perfect house would come on the market, so this could be our last move for at least 5 years (or more) but I sure don't see the perfect house anywhere.

While I am on the topic. My husband likes multi level houses. I have no idea why, other than he says, "It is nice to separate the living and sleeping areas." He obviously doesn't spend enough time home alone with the kids. (Did I mention it is a 3 story town house with no gates on the stairs...yeah it gives me nightmares.) All the while he says this, he wants an office, which would likely be upstairs next to his nephew the teenager, and his loud music. If you ask me, it is really because he associates multi level with wealth and upper class in his home country (where there is no middle class.)

Now if only G will wait one more month before he gets good at crawling.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why didn't I think of that...

A "Stay Dry Bath Apron." I am always afraid I am going to drop a squirmy baby while maneuvering around the bathroom. I always take off half my clothes before bathing the kids cause I always end up wet anyway. I am not sure if this is really what I need (I really need a rain suit), but it is a good idea and I could see how it would be really useful. Maybe I should make one for myself...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Just a note

Gibo played with his sisters sippy cup that had (cow's) milk in it. It is safe to say he is allergic to milk. I hope he out grows this in a year or less.


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Friday, January 23, 2009

70-80% sure

that we will be taking in a before mentioned teenager this summer. His mom can't handle him and his younger siblings are tired of listening to him and his mother fight. My husband tells me it is because she never allowed him to grow up. You think??!!!?? At 15 years old he still likes to ride in the shopping carts at Costco and have someone push him (not fast and crazy like a teenager, but like we do my 2 year old.) He is more afraid of the dark than my two year old. I wish I was exaggerating. I am worried about having a teenager and his influence on my children, but I am hoping to nip a few things in the butt right away so I don't hear my 2 year old cussing.

We turned in the offer on the house yesterday. It was a low ball offer but I got an appraisal from an agent that had already seen the house and our offer was right on. However the owners said it was so low they weren't even willing to counter offer. (They obviously didn't see the news about 1400 people getting laid off 5 miles up the road yesterday.) So now the hunt continues. Looks like we will be moving out of here and into a 3 bedroom house even if we have to rent. I am excited about that part, but with the price of rent and the price of buying so close, I hope we find an even better house in the next 2 weeks.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Z not sleeping

In a previous post I blamed Zuzu's lack of good sleep habits on all of these weird changes and unusual events. Last night we found out the real culprit. The neighbor kid.

We live in a townhouse apartment. Apparently the neighbor kid (who is between 6 and 10) has his bed up against the shared wall. At night he moves around and his bed thumps the wall and wakes Zuzu up. This also explains why Zuzu would cry in the middle of the night and mumble something about noises and she loves to come into our room and sleep even if it means in G's crib.

My poor girl is being woke up 2-3 times a night by the neighbor kid....I am so ready for a house...sure there will be dogs, and parties and all kinds of other noises, but my guess is, it won't be every night.

With that said, we found a nice humble house that would meet our needs for the next 30 years. Could we throw a dinner party for 50 people in it...probably not, but we could in the backyard. :) Is it perfect, no, but it is as close to perfect as it gets without the house stretching our budget to the max (which is not something we want to do given the uncertain economic times.) Hopefully we will get an offer in that the sellers will approve of in the next week and we can all feel good. and if it doesn't work out...there will be a reason...and it may be another year before we learn that reason...

Monday, January 12, 2009

What to do...

My parents are only 51. They are already loosing their short term memory. I wasn't planning on their care being my main concern until they were at least 60. This was supposed to be my time to have babies and their time to enjoy them. We did everything right, my mother had me when she was 22 and I still have a couple of years until I am 30.

I'd like to think I could handle 3 people with mental illness, but I am no super woman. I am a simple mom of 2 hoping to have 2 more children and buy a house.

What a mess this is. So on one side we have my sister in law and her 3 children and on the other side there are my parents and my brother that will need more care in the next couple of years.

All of this "drama" makes me feel like we need to just step away and realize that my husband and I are only two people and we can't help everyone.

We gave my sister in law enough tips to keep her kids out of trouble (when they were asked for), but if she chooses to ignore them, there is not much we can do.
I don't want to have any regrets with our own children, and the week my nephew was here they did take the back seat to him and his studies and that may be why we are having sleeping problems with Z. She seems to be more insecure and she only sleeps well in our room since the nephew left. mother. Her brain is shutting off every few days for an hour or two. She wanted to drive and pick up a rental Saturday. I said, no. As I type this she tells me she is going to drive to the doctors by herself on Friday. I told her no. She can not afford another accident.

Why do most things that matter have to be such a struggle....

Cloth Diaper Troubles

My son has sensitive skin. Cloth diapers were working well until November. Now I just can't get them clean enough and I have little or no sun to put them in to help.

I am having trouble with the Bum Genius pocket diapers. They rub the skin off his hips now that he is all over the place and spends time sitting up. They stink (like ammonium) when he pees, and they are stained. I have done my research and tried everything, short of the sun.

Why does using cloth diapers have to be such a pain in the butt? Why can't I just wash them and use them. It shouldn't require chemistry.

I have 2 FuzziBunz diapers that I like still but they don't get as much use as the others. I know in time I will switch to FuzziBunz (since Bum Genius' one size doesn't fit bigger toddlers), but for now I am frustrated with the money I invested and the way the diapers are interacting with my son.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Steak/Beef seasoning

While out at PCC this week I bought a sirloin tip roast. I had not cooked one before so I googled it. I came across this link. It was so good!! I cooked it for over an hour, because I don't like rare. It seriously tasted like a $40 restaurant steak.


1 1/4 tablespoons paprika
1 tablespoon kosher salt
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 (3 pound) sirloin tip roast


In a small bowl, mix the paprika, salt, garlic powder, black pepper, onion powder, cayenne pepper, oregano, and thyme. Stir in the olive oil, and allow the mixture to sit about 15 minutes.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.

Place the roast on the prepared baking sheet, and cover on all sides with the spice mixture.

Roast 1 hour in the preheated oven, or to a minimum internal temperature of 145 degrees F (63 degrees C). Let sit 15 minutes before slicing.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Yes you can be too cheap

Background: My mom drives a 1992 POS car. People have ran into the back of the car twice in the last year. I always bug my dad to get her a newer car with a few safety say an airbag or two. Instead he usually turns around and brags about how little he spent on the car and that even though the head gasket leaks, the car still runs.

Yesterday afternoon on the way to the doctor my mom was sitting at a red light. This lady backs out of a mini mart across two lanes and hits my mom on her drivers side. The CR -V that hit her bounces off while shoving her car into another car on the passenger side. They had to use the jaws of life to get her out of the car.

The impact shifted her teeth and brain. It caused minor bleeding on her left side between the lining and the brain tissue. She spent 24 hours in the hospital and got a little cut up too (a few stitches.)

I was talking to my dad today. Telling him well we need to find mom a newer safer car. His first response, "I am only spending $5K. Cars are only to get you from point A to B." This coming from a man who has no problem spending $10k buying himself a motorcycle and who owns about a $1M in real estate spread out over 4 places. I went off! "You know they have side airbags now, if mom was driving a newer car she would have easily walked away and insurance would have bought you a new car. Mom's safety is worth more than $5k. I am tired of your bull sh1t excuses. Sell a property and take care of my mother."

My mom went to visit her family for Thanksgiving(4 days). She came home sick and miserable. On her way home (a 2 hour car ride) my dad calls and says, I don't have any food for work tomorrow. Can you stop and buy groceries. Then when my mom finally gets home sick and exhausted at 6pm. He asks her to make dinner. Instead of returning to work on Monday she spent the week at home in bed sick. Can you say lazy ass!

My mom's doctor today said to take two weeks off from work and my mom talked the doctor down to 1 week because my mom feels like she has to work. Seriously how can you have so much and yet still feel poor, feel like you need money to survive month to month and jeopardize your already weak health.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Have we got a deal for you!

Why is health care in the US so is an idea. Doctors and hospitals are greedy. My mom was online researching and she came across a cancer center in Zion, IL. They have this "great" deal. They will fly you and a spouse out to them for $40 a night lodging and $5 a meal pp for 3-5 days to set up a plan to treat your cancer. Then they will fly you out there as often as they need to treat you (once a week is the average.) My mom was so excited...."Wow! This sounds great." Okay first off, if you are sick and your immune system is very very fragile (as it is with MM and only made worse by the treatment) why would you fly anymore than you absolutely have to? It is only going to make you really sick and likely get pneumonia which will put you in the hospital....namely their hospital (because you will want to be near your doctor.) There you will stay for 1-6 months and accumulate a hospital bill anywhere from $200,000 to $2,000,0000 or more. While you are in the hospital your family will fly in and visit you or stay near you and generate more income for the hospital and the community.

The icing on the cake. This cancer center has a location in Arizona, which is closer to my mother. Do they offer this same package there.....nope. They only offer this to this little whole in the wall community half way across the US. (No offense to anyone, as I grew up in a similar community.)

Greedy bastards....

A family of 5

Last week we were a family of 5. My 15 year old nephew was here. He is failing Geometry and his mother is lucky if she can do 4th grade math, so we brought him up for a week of tutoring and a break from his mother (who has her own problems that she keeps sharing with the 15 year old.) This is the same kid who tried space cookies last month and told his mom she needed to try one. She is worried she is loosing her son, which she is because she is wrapped up in having a perfectly clean and decorated house.

While here he had to wake up at 5am everyday to start math. He would work with my husband until 7am, then all day on his own till 5pm with a 2 hour break for lunch, gym, and a shower. At 5pm he would play with the babies while I finished getting dinner ready. After dinner he got an hour to watch TV or play Xbox while we put the babies to bed. Then another hour on math and then about 30 minutes of TV or Xbox before bed.
Friday we drove up to the snow and spent the morning playing in the snow, and the afternoon shopping. Saturday morning he was begging my husband to let him live with us, but life isn't that easy and it is not our choice. Later that morning he flew home.
By Saturday night my husband was missing him.

Our nephew did so much better in our home with our rules than he does with his mom. For the most part getting him to do basic chores was not a struggle. At his house he whines non-stop because his mother allows it and it works her up and he gets attention from it. I personally don't allow arguments and whining and my husband is slowly learning not to allow them either.

My husband and I also saw his old self come back out. He has not been his old self in over a year when he pulled his dad off his mom. Sadly by the next day he was upset to be home.

Being a teenager is very hard.I think a lot of parents forget that. They forget that teenagers like to go out and spend time as a family receiving positive attention from their parents. They really only play video games and listen to music all day because they have nothing else better to do. Just like adults they want balance to their lives. Teenagers don't know how to give balance to their lives on their own and it is up to the parents to be an example and to occasionally make sure the balance is their (despite the will of the teenager.) They need time to work, play (which should include a physical activity), and then relax and unwind too.

Why am I writing all this...I want to remember it later when my own kids are grown and I want to remind myself that even now I need to be continually working toward a more perfect balance.