Friday, December 28, 2007

What a night....

I have a cold and Zuzu is getting a little bit of it, but her nose does not run like mine, nor does she sneeze 20 times a day like me.

Last night we got in bed at 8pm. 9:30 rolls around she is still awake. I give up so I tell baba it is his turn. She wants nothing to do with him. Finally she sits with him and they listen to some music together. 10:30 we are all in bed, 10:45 they are both asleep. 11:10 I am up puking. Yes, 16 weeks and I puked. I told baba I was hungry, but I foolishly listened and went to bed with an empty stomach and took my prenatal and DHA. Sure enough it was the DHA that wanted to come up.

So note to self. Must get something in stomach between 8 and 10 to take vitamins.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Some comments make me laugh

If you have a blog you know you always get those weird comments. Most of them are advertising. A couple of days ago I got one that was not worth "publishing" but worth addressing because there are so many naive people out their that just pass information on without looking into it themselves.

I received this comment:

"I just want to make you aware that the Boppy has been banned and recalled by the Consumer Products Safety Commission because the zipper on the Chinese made cover contains lead !!! Also, the tag on the zipper can come lose and choke the baby if swallowed. Look at

I wonder how safe the Boppy is overall. Mothers milk and other bodily fluids
will get into the Boppy. In that warm environment the Boppy may become a hotbed for germs and molds and more.

Please send this on. It is important that mothers know about this so that no baby becomes ill or worse."

First I have to laugh at the wording "banned and recalled." First the only ones banned are different brands that used little beads (vs. fiber filling). Second they were not recalled, some of the covers were(38,000 to be exact.)
See here

"..a hotbed for germs and molds and more." I would have to ask this person:
Do you have a mattress? Do you spill bodily fluids on it? How old is it? Do you change the sheets? I think my boppy is just a few years younger than your mattress and I can count the times on one hand it has had body fluids spilled on it, and every time I wash the cover (and sometimes even when it doesn't "need" it.)

If a baby became ill or worse from the boppy it would be to the neglect of the parent. Ill or worse from what? Eating a zipper while unsupervised? Not cleaning up and maintaining sanitary conditions for your child? As for the lead, yes you should be cautious and return a recalled item as needed, but if you think your home is lead free you better think again if your house was built before 1978. I for one am more concerned about the gasoline used in ground beef or the steroids and antibiotics found in our food.

We are all adults now, it is best that we each do our own homework and use common sense all the time. Even if your doctor tells you should always ask questions and search out the answers for yourself. Remember they make money off of prescribing you those pills.

Monday, December 10, 2007

2nd trimester...

I can't believe it, but I am moving into the 2nd trimester today. I still have my off days, but over all I am doing well.

Zuzu is sleeping better at night (and so am I.) Last night she nursed at 1,4, and 6am. Now if only I can cut one more feeding out this week while baba is away.

Registry Help for New Moms

This is one of those most asked questions so I thought I would repost a list:

Must have equipment for first few months:
dresser/changing table combo with changing pad
infant car seat
stroller or stroller frame (that works with infant car seat)
soft baby carrier (I love my Ergo)
playmat (love Tinylove Gymini)
crib mobile (also Tinylove brand)
To me everything else is a bonus and just takes up extra room.
If you want to save room and plan to move soon you could use a pack and play instead of a crib and changing table for the first 2-3 months.

Other must haves for baby's first months:
6 side snap shirts in 0-3m
6-8 sleep and play outfits (with or without feet)
6 seasonal outfits for pictures and outings
3-6 pairs of socks
2-4 crib sheets
4-8 swaddling blankets at least 2 should be 38 inches square or larger (or miracle blanket)
3-12 lap pads (water proof pieces of material good at keeping baby fluids off of things)
nail clippers or scissors for baby's nails
baby soap/shampoo (they usually send some home from the hospital too)
3-4 towels (don't have to be baby towels with the hood)
2-4 wash clothes or a sponge
1 thermometer (hospital may send you home with one)
60-80 diapers a week
160 wipes a week
diaper bag (most hospitals will give you one with the free formula samples)
infant Tylenol (drops)
nursing pillow(boppy, mybreast friend, etc.)-not necessary but nice to have for multiple uses.

Mom's must haves:
"Happiest Baby on the Block"
Femine pads (hospitals supply them for your stay and you can take a few home usually)
nursing pads (some hospitals supply a few)
hot/warm compress (if nursing)
breast pump (if nursing)
hemeriod medicine
ice pack (for that area)
stool softener, or water sprayer to relax the area
easy prep-meals
lots of help from dad (or baba)
lots of water
bottles (3-8 total)
milk storage bags

Some product recommendations: I love 7th Generation diapers and wipes (great for sensitive skin.) I love Bum Genis cloth diapers. I love Allen's Naturally Detergent, it really takes the soap and chemical build up out of clothes. You can buy lap pad material from Joann's Fabric store and then just cut it up yourself. I love my Zblankets, I even use one as a nursing cover which is fantastic when I have to travel but want to pack light.