Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ergo Carrier Review

I noticed a lot of people are curious about the Ergo carriers so I thought I would review it:

Of course I first talked to other parents first. I found out that the Baby Boujorn is great up until the child is 20 lbs then it starts to hurt you back. As I dug deeper I started hearing a lot of people mention the Ergo carrier and how they used it on their child from 6 months to 3 or 4 years. I even started taking to people that had gone through 4 and 5 carriers. They all wished they would have just bought the Ergo first.

Finally I went to their website. I found out that you could safely carry an infant in the carrier by buying the "infant insert." Still not sure about the whole thing, not to mention the price, $92, I decided to wait and check the website for a sale. First the denim one was on sale, then they did a sale on mother’s day for the cranberry set, then they did another sale during father’s day. I was also watching them on e-bay but they kept selling for the same price as a new one when you added shipping. Finally, there was a lady that had been a wholesaler on Craigslist who was clearing them out for $75 new in package. For that price I had to try...and if all else failed I knew I could resale it on eBay and even make a little money.

We never bought the infant insert. For the first month Zuzu sat inside the carrier in the fetal position. Now she side saddles it like the website shows to do with an infant and we just use a blanket. Zuzu and I both love the Ergo. She sleeps and I can do stuff with both hands free. We did try it out on my 3.5 year old nephew with him on baba's back and my nephew really liked it. I can't wait until next spring, maybe we will go hiking at Yosemite.

Update July 2008

I noticed this is getting a lot of hits so....

They recently raised the price of the Ergo $105. They now fixed the chest straps which is silly in my opinion because when I wear my children front facing I like then higher than when I wear my child on my back.

I was hearing great things about the 4th Generation Beco baby carriers, but those were discontinued. Another option is too look on and have someone make you one. Next week I will be testing one by Cashmere Cuddles. So check back around August 1st for a review.

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Kim C. said...

Thanks for the link and the helpful review. It's great to know that I won't have to spring for the infant insert - I'm the type to try as well.
Now if I can just find one for $75...