Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Less than 8 weeks to go

We move into our new house in less than 8 weeks and we get the keys the first week in November. I am very excited but it still seems so far away and untanglible (maybe because I have moved so many times and it hasn't sunk in yet.)

My nephew is doing okay. He has his good weeks and bad weeks. This last week was a bad one. He fails to take responsiblity for hiself. He missed school, I wrote him a note to take to the office and told him exactly what to do and why and he thought hanging out for his friends the extra 5 minutes was more important. So then we got a lovely note from school letting us know that he was unexcused for those two days. Then he wanted me to call the school for him and take care of it. Of corse I told him to take responsiblity and take care of it himself. My husband also had to teach him how to use a planner last night. Almost 16 years old and he had no idea, just had his own system that wasn't working.

Zuzu is doing well. She is not really reading yet but she has taken a very strong interest in reading programs (on TV.) She is learning about different letter blends right now. This week in Oak Meadow we are learning about the letter C and the number 2. We fell behind last week because she was sick.

Gibo is building his vocabulary and learning about speach patterns. He now fights back when Zuzu picks on him. I plan to transistion him to sharing a room with Zuzu when we move. Yesterday we found out he is for sure allergic to cashews...and who knows what else.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

a house?

So we put in an offer on a house. The offer was basically every penny we could scrape up without putting ourself into a world of hurt. They accpeted our offer and inspection is today. The house is a custom built house with everything you would want in a house. Lifetime roof and siding. 2800 finished sq feet with a 700 sq ft basement. A MIL unit (so we can rent it out if things get tight). Has the lot size we wanted. All copper plumbing, central vacuum, generator hook-up, huge bedrooms with huge closets. 3 bathrooms. Jetted master bath (with marble). Porch swing. You want it....this house has it. The only fall backs...it doesn't look like much from the outside, the master bath carpet needs to come up and be replaced with tile or something, and it would be nice to fence in the yard for the kids....oh and it would be prefered if the formal living and dinning room were hardwood instead of carpet.

In family news...my in laws are here for a week visiting. My father in law has been the encouragement that I needed in regards to A. He hasn't seen A in over a year (before he went in a downward spiral) and he says that he says great improvments from that point in time.