Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Busy weekend

We went to my parents on Saturday. Zuzu started rice cereal on Sunday. Zuzu cut her first tooth (bottom right) on Monday.

Zuzu doesn't like rice, but I try to convince her otherwise.

She was fussy and needed some entertainment while she cut the first tooth and she really is serious about chewing on things, but she is not as bad as I thought she would be. The key is to keep her distracted. :)

Tomorrow Zuzu will be 6 months old.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Acid Reflex in Babies

Most babies get it around 2 months. It is perfectly normal and in most cases it will go away by itself. Please read this article before letting your Pedi prescribe medicine for it.

Acid reflex means some discomfort in your baby, gas, extra spit-up. Babies with this usually prefer to be upright. I would recommend you let baby sleep slightly inclined for 2-3 weeks until it is gone.

Some things that bother me.....

First: We would all love to loose weight and fit into our pre-pregnancy jeans by our 6 week post-partum doctor's visit, but it rarely works that way. So do us all a favor decide before the baby is born which is more important to you. Fitting into your normal clothes or breast feeding your baby.
Which ever you choose is cool. It is your choice after all. I just don't want to hear you complaining to other moms how your milk dried up and you can't breast feed, but you lost all your pre pregnancy weight in a month. If you want to nurse your baby you must eat an extra 500 calories a day to keep the milk flowing.
Don't get me wrong some mothers truly can't breast feed and they try everything.
If you choose to loose weight over eating 2500 calories a day, then just say, " I decided that breast feeding was not for me."

Second: When you have a baby your life will change. I don't care if you were Martha Stewart or the laziest person in the world. When your baby is born it is a baby. (Some people forget this.) Your baby just wants to eat, sleep, fill his or her diaper and spend time hanging out with mom and dad. If you plan to do anything more than feed your baby, sleep when your baby sleeps or hold your baby when it sleeps, change his or her diaper, or interact with your baby you might just be out of luck. Sure sometimes they can sleep and you can accomplish things, but then the next day it can change and you can spend your whole day in your PJs just feeding your baby ad holding him or her all day. You will have to put your life on hold or hire someone to help you. Your husband will hold the baby for 15 minutes to 2 hours a day so you can eat or maybe take a shower, but the minute that baby cries he is usually done. You will cry and get depressed from time to time, but you will also get the cutest smiles and sweetest laughter.

Third: There is no such thing as a bad baby. There are only easy and difficult babies. If your baby does something you don't like it does not make the baby a bad baby. They are babies. They have no sense of right and wrong. Did you say bad fetus?? I also strongly believe that words influence actions. If you go around saying, "Bad baby, you peed on Mrs. Smith" and you start doing that then by the time your child is two they are going to know how to be bad, but have no clue on how to be good. (Yes, they will defiantly be doing some bad things by the time they are two, but obviously at that age they have more knowledge and control over their body then a 3 or 6 month old.)

Just my thoughts for the day. Take them or leave them.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Another side they never show you

5 and a half months post partum still breast feeding....20 lbs to go still

Thursday, December 14, 2006

She is growing so fast now

We started her on a sippy cup about 2 weeks ago. Zuzu now bounces like crazy in her excersaucer. In fact she is doing it right now and laughing. She wants nothing more than see the whole world and to see it now. It is neat seeing her discover things and learn so fast now if only she would take time to rest :)

Baba also bought himself a Nikon d80 so we have plenty of pictures daily now. Our current adventure is to find a decent 2 bedroom apartment with it's own washer and dryer. Zuzu is up on all fours so it won't be long now.

Monday, December 04, 2006

So much for sleep

Zuzu has been eating less during the day and eating every 2-3 hours at night again.
At first I thought this was somehow my fault. The weather got cold (freezing) so she started co-sleeping again about 2 weeks ago. After further investigation I came acorss this article, which appears to hold the truth.

I miss my sleep :( Oh well, a mom's job is never done.