Friday, July 31, 2009

Typical Day

I typed this out for something else and I thought it was interesting:

5am feed G (and he goes back to sleep)

6am Z potty and dressed and breakfast

7am G up and about 15 minutes of computer time

7:30 get DH out the door and everyone organized for the day

8am sometimes a quick errand or we just veg or do a few pages out of Z's work book, A is usually working on his academics

9:30 take A to school

10am errands or a fun morning outting

11am lunch (all)

12 nap (both kids)

12:30-1:30 mama's time

1:30 organize myself for the rest of the day (some dinner prep or quick pick up of messes.)

2pm pick up A

2:45-3:30 veg.

3:30 start Z on some activity

3:45ish start dinner

5pm eat

6pm go upstairs to play, baths, get ready for bed, stories

7:30pm lights out

8:30pm Z sleeping and A in his room, on a good day G is sleeping too.

8:30 get DH dinner and settle in for some gaming or something on Netflix

10ish head to bed, take Z potty

11pm I am usually IN bed

So yeah I am one of those lazy house wives as you can see. I really wish there more hours in the day.

Z has developed a studder. Baba says it is because I don't talk to her enough. I am thinking it is because she is picking up on my high stress and because every other time she tries to talk to me I am doing 3 other things and can't give her my full focus or A interups her. I am so ready for him to go home. It sounds horrible but I just want to be able to refocus on my beautiful children and not waste half of my day on a teenager who likes to argue. I have also noticed on 3 occasions now A has made up things that were not true. He also says he hears things in his head. I have a strong feeling he has a bit of schzophenia.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Still here...

Finally we developed a schedule that seems to work for the whole family. The younger kids get their nap, I get child free time for an hour or more, and we are all happy again.

G has dropped to one nap a day. He is giving me nice blisters from nursing. I am thinking about switching him to bottles or sippy cups for a while. I am also trying to have him spend more time sleeping in his crib. This has been working pretty well aside from Z jumping in with him (waking him and us up) during the night/early morning.

Z is so demanding and if I turn my back, she just helps herself. If I would let her she would watch Cinderella and play Wii all day. Nothing would make us both happier than a house with a yard and some pavment for riding her bike.

A is doing very well in school. 100% on everything and he is even catching all the teachers mistakes. He really is learning that hard work does pay off. Currently he is at summer school 2 hours and then he works on Biology the rest of the day in preperation for the start of school in fall (when he will completly retake the 10th grade.)

Meanwhile I am down to 121 lbs. Yay me! Last weekend I won a free massage. I didn't realized how messed up I was. (1 leg is even 1/8" shorter than the other from an old injury). They are doing lovely contruction on the already noisy 4 lane road next to our home. In good news we are going camping this weekend which hopefully means I can get some fresh air and relax a bit more. The whole family is really excited about this trip.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


We found what could have been the ideal house. We both liked it, we had the offer ready to go. It was close. It was liveable. It has space for everyone. must not have been the right house for us. We have the offer all printed up, just had to sign and send it in. Our agent's offices were closed for the holiday so it was going in Monday. Friday the listing agent called me and said there is another offer that is contengent on the sale of another home and that they would try to stall till Monday so they could also look at our offer. Well..........guess not. It came up contengent today. I am frustrated because we waited when we could have should have moved faster, but at the same time I have a feeling the timing wasn't right. I am sure there will be a better house for us....but 5 years later and 4, well almost 4 offers later, it kind of makes you wonder.
It is such a crime to want a yard for your children to play in. Is that really too much to ask?? I mean really I WANT a fu4king yard already. My daughter is 3 and she is missing out on some of the best life has to offer because her parents can't get thier sh1t together.