Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I am a jealous person or something....

In laws are here. First I get attitude from niece and nephew who suddenly think they can do whatever and not follow household rules cause their grandparents are here. When I told them that is not the case I got rude noises and talking under the breath. 

At the Grocery store they were asking that their grandmother buy them everything like spoiled children. She of corse bought then everything. 

Mother in law made rice and was treated as if she made a masterpiece. It was plain rice no real taste. 

My husband skipped over my salad dressing when I asked him to please finish it (vinegar, oil, lime, honey, basil, garlic) and opted for his mom's which is just vinegar and oil and tastes tart and bland. When I make salad he refuses, his mom makes the exact same salad using the exact same salad  ingredients and he has 2 bowls full. On top of that he says,  "You never make me salad." Really..cause I didn't make you salad 2 times a week for the last month plus and you refused.....

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why do teens dig their own graves

We have had a teenager for a week now. We set the expectations. Everyone was in agreement that it was fair. When asked a question, you answer openly and honestly so we can best evaluate the situation and come up with fair and reasonable choices. 
  Due to former habits and examples, we get half truths with some lies sprinkled on top. How hard is it to say, we want to go out on Lake W with friends, in their boat. Instead of, we want to go swimming at some lake around here and a few girls I don't know are going to meet us. Playing the dumb card doesn't work well when you spend so many hours with someone planning outfits for school 2 months away, but you claim to know nothing about the next day's activity. Um, your friend just filled me in and was honest with me and was even willing to accommodate and adjust, but you blew it. 

Just keep digging....