Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Save the drama for your mama

My husbands family is going through some drama. SIL is not stepping it up and taking care of her own business as much as she can. My husband was then working on a task that she could have easily done herself in 5 minutes a month or two ago. Husband knew he would be the one to do the task 2-3 weeks ago. Now he calls me today acting like it is an emergency and I need to take care of the task today.
Give me a break. Your drama, you deal with it. My husband has never wanted to hear my opinion on his family drama unless it completely agrees with his own opinion. Or he will fight my opinion to the death with me, and then think about it a few days and then present them to his family as if he had a flash of insight.
So as for this little task...he wants to help...I am not going to stop him. He wants to drag me into, no matter how simple, I am stepping down. I would never drag him into my family drama and ask for favors. When I do vent to him about my family drama, I at least listen to and respect his opinion.

So save the drama fro your mama and don't put off on others what you can easily do yourself.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I was so upset when I heard about the new body scanners. What was worse is that they are mandatory (unless you "opt. out) at my local airport. It is my understanding that not all airports have them or require everyone to pass through them (or opt. out.)
I do not feel like subjecting myself to anymore radiation than necessary or someone telling me that I have to submit myself and my children to radiation. These are my babies. I don't spend money to feed them mostly organic so that they can go subject themselves to radiation. Sure they can argue it is safe, the levels are so low, it is FDA approved, all they want. I don't trust them. I know it is just so our former Sec. of Homeland Security can hook up his buddies with some nice spending money. People will lie to make a $1, so what will they do to make $30M?? They say they don't store the images, it has been proven different. They say you can't see any private details, but this has also been proven a lie. Sounds like a lot of lies.
So let's say you opt. out. That doesn't sound too bad. Oh wait! TSA has no problem feeling around genitalia, your crack, looking down your pants from the waist, feeling under your shirt. You want me to let a stranger do that to me???? To my children?!?? Make no mistake you touch my children like that...TSA or not I will hunt you down and kill you. The quickest way to bring terrorists home is to create them by treating them with disrespect. I give it a few more months before someone brings a serious gun to security and wipes out ever TSA agent in the area. Probably someone's mother or father...or maybe just someone who didn't like their junk being checked out.
Let's be real. If I want to get something in I still can. You can swallow it or shove it up your ass. There are also a few other ways I can think of that would involve a little more planning...but you get the point. Even if they went to strip searches there will always be someone that will be able to get something past security and where they want it. Just the way it is... but you know, lets spend billions of dollars on security at a time when we are already in the negative and since we are spending the money let's make sure we spend it on big useless corporations.

I refuse to fly until TSA changes their ways. This means Alaska Air just lost $1k this year and KLM lost $3k from my family alone. When the airlines need a bailout they should send them to our former Sec. of Homeland Security's door and make him pay. If it means he has to file bankruptcy than so be it....he can rejoin the middle class.

There are a lot of great stories out there. If you have to fly Opt. Out. When you do Opt out and they touch you in inappropriate ways or do so without your permission... call 911. They legally have no right to search you unless you give them cause. Choosing not to subject your body to radiation or having your nudy picture taken is not just cause. If the police have to come to airport security every 5 minutes to file a report against TSA things will change. Write your local representatives and express your concerns. If you don't care about your personal freedom being taken away then you should just dig your own grave and at least save the rest of us the $2k it would cost to bury your sorry ass.

If you want to spend some more time looking into things here is a good place to start.

3 months

It has been 3 months since my youngest has been born. Since she will be my last I savior every moment. I try not to do it in a noticeable way though, don't want to spoil her. :)
I wish I had more time to spend with G. He is my boy, and my only boy.
I figured out last night each child had a special baby skill. For Z it was projectile poop, for G projectile pee (he is a boy after all), for M projectile puke. I am such a proud mother :)

It has also been about 3 months since A left. He went back to his mother. He needed/needs/wants drug abuse counseling. He is an addict. My husband & I spent a day finding him a place he could go to before sending him to his mother. My husband even set up the appointment so he could start. His mom canceled it, "too busy." We offered to set up another one for A if she could tell us when a good time was....she didn't know when. Now 2.5 months later A is skipping school to use and back to all his old ways. All the work that took us a year was undone in less than 3 months. His mom still doesn't care because she is still "too busy." She is a single mom so I do cut her some slack, but she has unlimited reasonable income from her parents. She ask they give.
So what is she so busy with...working as a TA (6 hours a day) in a Special Ed class and taking classes 2 nights a week. Her children all take care of themselves and raise themselves while she sits in her room studying so that she gets straight A's. I think if she cared she would figure out when she could make time to help her son, but maybe sometimes it is easier to ignore it and just hope things work themselves out.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


I don't know what it is...probably a combination of different factors and struggles but I am finally getting to a place where I realize what is important and I really don't get upset at things or people because I can't change anything I can only enjoy what I am surrounded with.

I may sound like I am 80 years old but...
As long as we have our health and don't lack food and warmth everything will be okay. Machines and technology can be awesome. I don't have to walk to go get water, I don't have to start a fire to be warm, I don't have to spend all day, everyday, tending the land only to have it ruined by pests or early rain and worry about where my next meal will come from and how I will feed my family. It would appear to me that we have everything handed to us on a silver platter.

It doesn't matter if you voted Red & your neighbor voted Blue. The same sh!t will still be there. We have start focusing on what is really important, and stop being distracted by everything else.

What is important to you?

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My day

hour 0 kids wake up, play, make messes
hour 1 eat breakfast
hour 2 pick up mess from hour 0
hour 3 get everyone dressed
hour 4 Costco.
hour 5 Septic "fun"
hour 6 lunch.
hour 7 Z's dance.
hour 8 cook dinner
hour 9 homeschool kids
hour 10 eat dinner
hour 11 get kids in bed
hour 12-13 relax
hour 14 try to sleep while husband on computer
hour 15 feed baby
hour 16 sleep finally

Now mind you there is nursing in there about every 2 hours for 15 minutes and I do all of this while holding the 2 month old.

Never a dull moment.

Monday, November 01, 2010


Today NPR did a story on ADHD and neurofeedback. It was sad because at the end of the story the mother of the story admits that she has seen an improvement in her son's interaction with her and it is probably because now they spend more time together because they go out to pizza after his sessions.

I am so tired of parents being so selfish and not taking the time to address the problems their children have. Children need your time. They need to be cuddled and loved. They need to have interaction with other children AND their parents. They need to get out of the house and learn by watching their parents. They need healthy food to eat. (If you wouldn't put low octane cheap gas in your car why the hell would you put fast "food" in your children unless there is nothing else available.) You take your dog for a walk everyday so it doesn't tear up your house or sh1t on everything, why not take your children out to play too. If only we use a little bit of common sense and spend time interacting with our children a little each day, I am sure many problems would be minimized or disappear completely.

We had a nice weekend. My husband was more open to celebrating Halloween this year. The kids got costumes and decorated pumpkins. My husband even carved one too. To build up to the holiday we made paper pumpkins & strung them up in the window and made hanging paper spiders with accordion folded legs. We are in a very low traffic area so I was happy that we had 3 sets of tricker treaters for the kids to greet.

Today I started Z on Oak Meadow 1st grade curriculum. We meet 4 gnomes; Plus, Minus, Times, & Divide. I want to get my daughter reading small chapter books, writing short sentences, and doing basic addition and subtraction before she starts school. I think G will pick up a lot by watching his sister so I am hoping to start him on Kindergarten curriculum in another year. I am interested to start Z on an instrument soon too and to re-enroll the younger children in Music Together when Z starts school.

This weekend my baby, M, started cooing "ma-ma." She also will copy clicking noises and tries so hard to speak to us and to sit up.