Friday, October 23, 2009

The weirdest things happen

My husband and I were at a cross roads...We spent two days fighting. I said A had to go, my husband said he wasn't done with A yet. Yesterday I was finally convincing my husband that you can lead a camel to water but you can't make him drink.
Not even 2 hours later A comes home from school with what is for him a huge apology. Basically the two days we basically shunned him and took away his music he has been thinking. He realized that he would rather be here than anywhere else and life here isn't bad at all, in fact it is rather good, so if he has got to stop some attitude and practice being considerate that is what he wants to do. He also felt like I was the enemy (because I was always displining) and because he always felt his father was the enemy. He said he really thought about it logically and realized it made no sense. Why would I take 2 weeks out of my life to move him up here. Buy him things, sign him up for classes he is interested in, etc.

My husband and I both told him that is great and all but he will have to always be proving himself with his actions and that we (my husband and I) need to talk and figure out what our next step is.

So we have decided he can stay on a week to week basis. We will be seeking him some counseling and if he doesn't prove himself, we will be buying him a plane ticket the next day.

I hope this works out. Last thing I want is more drama in my life.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who does this...

What 15 year old doesn't know to put the non resealable lunch meat into a zip lock especially after being reminded 2 minutes earlier? I'll tell you ...a lazy, inconsiderate, selfish 15 year old who lives in my house because his mother never had the balls to enforce a single word that ever came out of her mouth. The lunch meat of course had juice in it and of course he laid the package on it's side so then it dripped all over the fridge.
This after an afternoon of lies and arguing. Honestly I don't want him in the new house. I wish I could send this to her without great backlash:

I am not sure I want your son in my house.
He is inconsiderate and disrespectful.
He lies and argues for the sake of argueing.
He lacks responsibility and initiative.
He is teaching my children bad habits and at times trying to make them go against my words.
You have allowed him to develop into this person for 15.5 years and I am at a loss for how to undo this damage.

As a fellow mother I beg of you not to allow this to happen to your other two children.
Be consistant. Say what you mean, and mean what you say, and follow it up with actions.
Teach them to pick up after themselves without supervision or constant reminder.
Teach them about money and how it works. Teach them the golden rule.
Teach them that to recieve respect you must first give it. Teach them that to argue, lie, and deceat gets you only trouble and loneliness.
Teach them that if you take others down the wrong path with you, your punishment will be double.

I think this also serves as a reminder to myself and other mothers that we need to keep our children in check and take off our goggles once in a while.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All signs point...

Lets see....crampy all day yesterday, STARVING today, craved hamburger 2 days ago, my husband felt the same way 2 nights ago as he did when we concieved Zuzu. Took a test today just to make sure and it was negative....might just test again this weekend if I continue to feel this way. Honestly, I am hopeing for another June baby...might as well keep up a good thing :)

In other news my mom is in the hospital due to complications assocated with her bone marrow transplant. She is a fighter though and she wants to watch her grandbabies grow up so I know she will be fine and up here visiting us before the year is over.

A now sit in the dark all by himself when watching TV which is a fantastic accomplishment for him. His grades could be better but he is working harder than he was 2 years ago so got to give him credit.