Monday, November 27, 2006

Fisher Price Learning Booster Seat

I bought this seat last week for Zuzu. I heard it was an easy way to distract her so baba and I could enjoy a meal and I figured it would get her use to sitting in a chair.

Essentially it is the Healthy Care booster plus a little AA battery ran toy. It is very easy to use, clean and take with you. It fits Zuzu well (27 inches and 17+ lbs) and the food tray and cover are dishwasher safe. The booster seat secures to large waiting room chairs without a problem. You can also remove the trays and backrest to fit a 45 lb child. The height easily adjustable too.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Zuzu's many talents

Last night she decided to resort back to being a newborn. She woke up every two- three hours.

She did however learn how to turn on and off her mobile using her feet. Baba and I were laying in bed laughing at her turning it on at mid-night, but then she tuned it off on her own and we laughed some more.

She has no problem sitting up on her own until she is bored but she really doesn't care to roll. She can and she has in recent days but she is not impressed by it. I am not going to be surprised if she skips crawling and goes straight to walking.


Some one that I talk to requested to know about the stuff people never talk about that comes with giving birth so I decided to C&P it have been at your own risk

You want it here is it.
Way Too Much info...

...Yes I pooped why pushing and the nurse helped get it out.
When Zuzu was here she was put on my chest , I had my boob hanging out, never cared.
I had high blood pressure from the pushing for about 4 hours after delivery. I was really dizzy the first time I got up after delivery and I peed more that I ever have in my life.
You bleed worse than your worst AF (in the being) the nurse pushes on you uterus and squeezes more out of you while trying to make your uterus contract down to normal size. When you BF the first week or so you get little cramps from more contractions. (This is actually great for your body, even though some people say it hurts.)
It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand (for the first week)....I was the happiest sitting on my foam latex pillow from home, even in the car ride home. You can bleed for up to 6 weeks. I was lucky, only 2 weeks and it got light quickly. In the hospital you get ice packs for down there and they feel great. I also got disposable boyshort undies and gigantic pads....think Depends. The hospital also gives you a squirting water bottle to rinse and pat down that area after you use the potty.
I had a second degree tear. First bowel movement is scary...constipated and scared you will rip yourself open again...not to mention everything hurts so you don't know what is what. But you know you have got to do it otherwise you feel like you will explode.
You are an emotional wreak...think PMS times 2 for the first month. DH wants have NO interest. When you do try it think very dry and very closed down there....and it stays that way for a while. Pressure to do your wifely duties all the time which causes more strain on the relationship.
Breast feeding for me was worse than un-medicated childbirth...seriously think nipples in vice grip. In the first few weeks you never feel like you make enough milk. You HAVE to eat even when you are not hungry and you feel like a fat cow. (Otherwise your milk starts drying up.)
10 days after birth I had to go to the hospital because I had a fever and was dehydrated. I had 2 IVs stuck in me, a breast infection and a urinary track infection. (Just when I was getting use to being home and starting to get comfortable again.)
Baby crying, you crying husband loosing sanity and he can't really help enough to make a difference.

But at the end of the day you forget all the bad stuff and you know you would gladly do it again first because you have to...later because you want to. You know how you feel so in love on your wedding day and you feel as though you could never love anyone more....well you can. I love my DH but if someone told me to pick between the two hands down it would always be my DD.

How is that for details :p

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Feeling Good!

Every other day I am getting in a 3-5 mile walk, thanks to someone :) and I feel good again. Zuzu and I are getting into a routine. I made it down to 136lbs, but today I was up to 140lbs. Kind of depressing.

Zuzu and I went out to buy some cool weather walking gear. I figured I would try a small in pants and see how they fit...they actually fit very nicely!!!

Then I came home and tried on a pair of pants that only fit me up to 12 weeks pregnant and they fit too! I am starting to think this is doable. If it took me 12 weeks to get up to that size....I am guessing that on the way back down it should only take me 3-4 months to loose it, right???

I would really love to fit into all of my pre-pregnancy clothes by the time we go to DH's home in March. Heck I would even be happy to be a size bigger.

This boost of confidence came just at the right time.

Monday, November 06, 2006

On a more serious note. ;(

I really don't know what to think about this....My biggest question is how can a seat belt is this allowed to happen in this day and age??

Update Nov. 27th You MUST use a seat belt to restrain any child over 40 lbs. Latch systems are only designed to hold 48 lbs or less.

I know a lot of three year olds and I am curious if this little guy may have been playing with his seat belt, like the other 3 year olds I know? I am also curious why the makers of the video did not tell us what van they were driving? To me this is also a very important factor.


The video below is my dad (in the Ford) and my brothers friend playing in the front yard at my parents' house. Watch the volume it does say "f*&k."

A Day in the life....

One Jeep...

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Message Board

For those people that are interested in talking to other parents please check out

It is a baby related message board with multiple topics. It does require registration (an e-mail address and user name.)

As of today there are 9 members, but I hope to see it grow and thrive into a helpful and constructive community. So feel free to come on in and start your own thread or poll.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Time for a sleepsack?

The last two nights Zuzu has been kicking off her covers. I dress her warmly in footed PJs but she needs her covers to stay warm and sleep well.

I think I am going to invest $20 and see if it helps. I don't want to wake up every two hours just to cover her.