Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Must kick my own butt!

I need to hold myself accountable. I weigh 139lbs 7 months after having baby #3. I look like I do 2 months after having baby #2 (and weigh only 3 lbs less).
I haven't worried much about weight this time because I am worried how it would effect my milk supply. Baby #3 weights 14 lbs at best, baby #2 was 14 lbs by 6 weeks. I have been eating junk food every other night and sitting on my butt everyday.
My goal is to drink more water and be 130lbs by my 31st birthday....about 2months :)
I am going to see friends and family in a couple of weeks and kind of depressing to think that I will look almost the same as I did last time I saw them (only 2 weeks after having baby#3).

In other health news on the 8th of March I was sick for 24 hours, and the same sickness came again on March 19th. I have a feeling my hormones are all out of whack.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Challenging Week

Last Tuesday I had some kind of 24 hour bug. I would say food poisoning, but I eat the same things as everyone else in my house and no one else got it. It sucked the life out of me & 3 lbs of water. My toes turned blue. I couldn't hold anything except soup broth & mint tea down. I went to the doctors my temperature was 96.5 F and they just said here, go get yourself some drugs. If they had a half a brain they would have at least hooked me up to an IV seeing how I was so dehydrated and knowing I was nursing. As always having a knowledgable doctor is often too much to ask.

Saturday noon I was told my cousin was in a motorcycle crash and his wife died. Turns out an 87 year old lady driving a Corolla ran them over on a main road near my home town. My cousin should be okay physically, which a few pins here and there to hold him together, but mentally I worry about him. My cousin has ALWAYS picked on me. Like annoyingly so. Maybe I will go pick on him annoyingly so in a few more weeks :)