Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2 days!!

I am so excited! Finally a home that is ours and we get to live in it and create memories and we don't have to worry about rent being raised in a year or where is the closest park and NO more moving (after this weekend.)

Today I went to Fred Meyers. They were having a sale and I got 4 wood folding chairs at $8.99 each. They are usually $19.99. They are going to come in handy so we don't have to all sit in the bulky office waiting room chairs that take up half the dining area. Also we might be hosting Christmas...well we don't celebrate but I plan to do at least one special meal while both my parents are visiting and while my mom and my husband's sister and kids are visiting.

My new fridge is ordered as well as my new washer and dryer. Unfortunatly they won't be delivered until November 25th. At least we have the downstairs fridge and we can do laundry at the appartment until we turn in the keys. I am also calling a bath in my jetted tub Saturday evening. = )

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are offically home owners, but we don't move until next week. Here are some pictures with the orginal owners furniture.

Downstairs bathroom/hall

Downstairs bedroom and living space

Downstairs kitchen

Laundry room


Formal dining

formal dining

formal living

our little sun room (6 sky lights in the ceiling)