Monday, September 22, 2014

Curriculum Currently in Use

Story of The World Volume 1
Story of the World Volume 1 Activity Book

Language Arts
Daily Language Review 
(and weekly writing assignments)

IXL Math
Spectrum Math Workbooks

Harcourt 4th grade Science Wolf Text
Learn and Do Botany
Giant Science Resource Book

Art In Action

Alfred's Basic Piano Prep Course (with their piano teacher)

I also supplement with material I create myself, or find online and at the library.

my oldest 2 take Taekwondo
the youngest Ballet
all 3 Swim twice a week

1 month down

This week we will be completing one month of homeschooling. 

I have talked to other mothers who have children at our old school. 

Normal stresses I am missing out on:
- PTSA meeting with new principal
- Program I used to coordinate has no coordinator and they will likely drop the program
- School Fundraising Program (no nagging kids, emails, or letters begging for $200)"
- Picking up the kids up and rushing to extra curricular activities.
- Nightly homework struggles and short notice projects
- Worrying about Common Core in all its weirdness

Things I actually miss:
- Morning walks to the bus stop
- A quite(r) house
- Going places with only 1 child

Things I love about homeschooling:
- Completing the days (school) work by 9:30am
- Knowing what my children have learned and need to improve on
- Attending some extra curricular activities during the day
- Having extra help around the house
- Educational Outings 

I am still learning/improving upon:
- Our routines and schedule
- Adding more hands on activities to our week
- Organizing topics and materials (long term)
- Making sure the kids learn everything they should including the stuff I think is boring 

I really am struggling with activities to fill our down time (20-30 minutes here and there). I want activities that are educational, not boring, require no real prep for me, and not in front of a screen. Yes they already read 20-120 minutes a day. Thinking about getting a mini trampoline and slowly working towards a game/exercise room in the basement (since it rains a lot)...but it will take 5 years to complete this plan. :/