Monday, August 23, 2010


The only day I did not want to have this baby was Saturday Aug. 21st, my dad's b-day. So it only figures that.....

Friday night August 20th I had contractions on and off. They ranged from 10 minutes apart to 30 minutes apart. Around 3am they started being intense(r) and lasting a minute or more and regularly 10 minutes apart. Around 4 am I told my husband, "let's get going."

We arrived at the hospital at 5am. They found I was 6-7cm dilated with a bulging water. Was told the on call OB was a female (as DH strongly prefers) only till 7 am. I got in a room. The contractions got intense, like with Z. I asked to get in the tub. Took the nurse 3 more contractions to get it ready. Got in the tub, no relief. I said, "I need to push." That was at 6am. Nurse checked me, sure enough I was 9+ cm. I said "Get the OB now!" There was a scramble to get the OB as they knew I was not waiting. Turned out the OB was in the hospital and she was there. One contraction, she broke my water. 2 contractions baby's head was there and she did a quick stretch, 3rd contraction her head came out. Cord was around baby's neck twice, OB yelled, wait!! wait!! Got to get the cord off her neck. I was in mid-contraction (they were lasting 2 minutes by now), I paused for about 5 seconds, then I couldn't stand it and I pushed her all the way out.

Malak(mel-ick / "angel") was born 6:12 am weighing 7lbs 4 oz and 19 3/4".

Friday, August 20, 2010

I will never understand

So A was okay until he realized he would be punished for smoking pot. What did you think? We would be like, "that's cool, party on!"

A was looking forward to getting a cell phone. He has not been allowed to have one since living with us because it really is not necessary. He needs to be where he says he is and then we can always reach him and he can always reach us. It also makes him more dependent on others and society in a good way. Well obviously now he is not getting a phone, instead the money he was going to be spending on that will be donated to a cause (of his choice, if he can choose one.)

He will also start a rehab program and if that does not yield results he be left to whatever comes his way.

Since he is upset (about the punishment, not about himself smoking pot), he talked to his mother on and off all day. Here is the part I will never understand. His mother knows I am due any day now, knows I have two small children at home, and knows we go to bed around 10pm and that her son's bed time is 9pm....she calls at 11:30pm. Yes that is right she calls my cell phone at 11:30 at night. I will never understand how inconsiderate she is or how she fails to use her brain...which ever one this falls into. If she does this when I have a new baby I am going to chew her up and spit her out, no excuse other than serious illness, hospitalization or death will be accepted. :p

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Should have trusted my gut

A, the 16 year old has been up to all his old tricks since March. If you recall my husband caught him smoking weed in a parking lot back then. He busted him, slapped him. A was very remorseful and shook up for a couple of days.
Yesterday I do A's laundry. I find first a lighter, than eye drops.

First story, "I just have eye drops cause a girl I work with smokes pot and I had some extra I was sharing." Clearly a lie, because he had no eye drops that I or anyone else bought him, so why would he have them just laying around.

Second story, "I just had a lighter because like a month ago I use to smoke cigarettes, but I stopped now and have it all under control." Booo hooo and lots of tears and sob story about how we don't trust him.

Story number 3, "I have been smoking pot since March. I have a problem but I have no motivation to change." No tears.

Now here are some questions for you. How does a 16 year old with no money, get money to buy all this? Who is he stealing from or is he just dealing again? Guess what, I would bet money he is dealing again.

If he is stupid enough to bring a lighter and eye drops in my house, where is the weed?

Golly, wonder he brought his big knife back from his mom's house. He needs to feel safe while dealing with the people he is dealing with. My husband wrote it off instead of confiscating it.

Why the hell does my husband think A is remorseful when he clearly is not. A would love to get off drugs but really doesn't see why or how he should do this. Until he is motivated to stop smoking pot he won't and things will only get worse for us all until he is back where he was.

I straight up told my husband you can't raise your children around someone that messed up and then pretend to be shocked when your children do the same thing later. I am not willing to sacrifice my children because I am busy trying to help A. Everything comes at a price and this is not a price I am willing to pay. I told him think it over and choose, so that I don't have to. In other words, he can choose to work with A for the next year or 2 and we can cut our ties, or he can choose to continue living with his children.

Really, don't ever get in between a mama and her babies. She will do whatever it takes as long as her babies are protected.

I really want to just pack up the car and get out, my gut tells me to do it now, my body says you are going to have this baby any day, you can't just get up and leave. Then my gut says, okay then just get a local hotel until this baby is born. Seriously I need to get him on the next plane out of here and save myself the headache.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Are you ready....

TMI in regards to pregnancy

Mucus - check
weird spotting - check

Now I wait for the live on the bathroom toilet feeling to completely overwhelm me....which I am it isn't quite over whelming yet.

Then should come the contractions and God willing the baby.

In preparation news. The baby book came yesterday and I filled out all I could.
My husband's mother sent us money to buy each child a gift. I got Z the new Leapster Explorer.

I know she has been wanting one. She loves to play with her cousin's Leapster, so when I saw that they just released a new one, I knew it was for her. The best thing is, I ordered through the company's website and got the Explorer, a game, and 2 app. codes for $75 (plus tax) and free shipping. There are always 20% off codes...just look around. They have not released the case yet, so I found some scrap fabric and made Z something to keep it from getting scratched.

I think it will be great to keep her and her brother entertained should they need to wait around while I am labor.

For G I think I am going to get him Lego Duplo train set. Just need to order it online this week.

I think I am ready...only thing left to go is install the car seat, but DH can do that anytime (after the baby is born, but before we need a ride home.)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Add another to the pile

I found out today I tested positive for group B strep. Yay. I did some research and I am thinking I just really need to boost my immune system because if I don't start the antibiotic at least 4 hours before giving birth it does nothing. 4 hours...I will be lucky to have 1-2 hours. Then they just need to monitor the baby for the first 48 hours.

I am up to 166 lbs, so I gained some weight this week. We had company over the weekend so I am exhausted. I seriously just want to sleep for 24 hours.

Yes I had more contractions at the NST but nothing I noticed.