Friday, February 05, 2010

Thinking about party planning

The two kids have their birthdays' within 3 weeks of each other. I am thinking it will be at our house and I am thinking in the maybe bugs....bees, lady bugs, flowers, frogs, etc.

Bees Here
General bug party Here
Oh this sounds really cool I just wish there were pictures.
A big party with pictures Here. I like some of the food choices.


Last week both kids got lice. Apparently there was an outbreak in a nearby town that cause a school to be closed down (25% of their students had lice.) I am guessing that they picked it up at music class since we lay on the ground in that class and my daughter started iching that night.

I picked up a few lice too. So I just chopped off my hair. I have just enough left to put into a pony tail...barely. It hasn't been this short in over 10 years.

I am still not caught up on all the laundry I need to do because of the lice breakout here, but that is what the weekend is for....okay maybe not. (Mama needs a day to rest and it is long over due.)

I put mysself on the scale yesterday. I am up 10 lbs at 10 weeks so I am right on track for the other pregnancies...1 pound a week.