Friday, May 30, 2008

I was killing time this morning...

So I made up my own top 10.

You know your baby has dropped when.....

10. Half of your lap is gone.

9. Your belly no longer grows, your baby just drops.

8. Even though your bed is tall (and you almost have to jump to get into it) you have to roll out of it.

7. You ask your almost 2 year old for help getting up and you seriously consider a digging your hiking cane out of the garage.

6. Clothing that covers the bottom of your belly leaves an inprint (from being compressed between your belly and lap) after you have been sitting for more than 2 minutes.

5. You start to think about what you could put between you belly and lap during the end of labor so that baby comes out with a "cool" imprint on his/her shoulder. (I would really never do this, but I am sure if guys carried babies this would happen all the time.)

4. You go up the stairs on your tippy toes because you have short legs and you are not sure your legs could clear the stairs and your belly going up.

3. You feel like you have a ball between your upper thighs.

2. You start to think that having someone's head between your legs is normal.

*insert drum roll like Letterman*

...And the #1 reason you know you have dropped is when...

....the head starts to stick out of your ho-ha.

Looks down, doesn't see anything, grabs a mirror....phew we are still okay on that last one... :D

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Still as big as a house....

I am still pregnant. Yesterday was another "teaser" day. Cramping and back pain most of the day. Monday I tried walking, spicy food and sex. Got a little bit of cramping Tuesday but nothing that did anything or progressed.

I am really tired of being teased and I am ready to have this baby come out. If I wasn't being teased so much, on a deadline so baba can spend a good amount of time with us, and concerned with spending more money on the birth (Baba had a fit when he heard the price and the thought that it could be more after June 1st makes me want to plug my ears), other than that another week or two are good for me.

At my appointment this week my belly was measuring the same and my protein was high, but my BP was normal.

Come on out baby! Your family is waiting. :)
(No I wasn't nearly as bad with Zuzu, she didn't tease me she just did her own thing and came out at the perfect time.)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

So bored...

Today I woke up cleaned the stove and microwave THEN ate breakfast. This is seriously insane. I was hungry but I felt like I just had to do it.

Then we went out and bought some food. Then ate some more food and took our nap.

Next I vacuumed and wiped down everything from the bathroom, walls, and even base boards. Yes I know we have only been here 2 months.

If I had a cleaner that didn't stink so bad I would probably clean the shower door better and the sliding glass door.

Now I am looking at the clock wishing it was a little later so I could start dinner.

So not like me, but I want everything to be done and ready because I know I won' t really touch anything again for 3 months.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What I learned last night

Early labor dragging on for 3 hours straight is no better than real labor. At least with real labor you know you are getting somewhere.

If this is all I needed to do to get 30 minutes in a warm bath while Baba and Zuzu pick me up dinner I would have done it a long time ago :D

My mid-wife says sometimes Benedryl (even children's) can slow things down. Didn't have to try it but came very close to considering it.

Now I am hoping to make it to the weekend. Not sure how realistic that is but I can hope.

Monday, May 19, 2008

We are getting to close for comfor now...

Baba was away last week. Wednesday through Saturday night.
Friday of I had a scare. Little contractions for about an hour.

Today I decided to go the store before it got warm. Getting off my butt, BIG mistake. Nothing but little contractions for the 30 minutes I was out.

It is 4:30 and now I can't stand up with out a cramp.

Here is something else interesting I want to look into. Friday my temp was around 98.5, Saturday it was 98.1, then yesterday it was 98.4 and right now it is 98.8. I am not sick just PG and hot. In dogs a change in temperature is a sign of labor....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Almost ready.

Had my mid-wife appointment on Tuesday. Baby's head is down and engaged in my pelvis.
I am "enjoying" walking around with my legs pinched together...yes that great feeling like the baby is trying to get out and putting pressure on everything.

My bowels are going crazy on me, the "ring of fire" is mild compared to what I experienced today.

In one week we will be a go for this baby (37 weeks). I just hope baby waits until after my birthday.