Thursday, February 28, 2008

...and you think you had a rough month...

This is not baby related as much as it is, life is tough and when you are pregnant you have no choice but to be tougher. It is going to be a rough read so proceed with caution.

Father in law (baba's dad) arrived towards the end of January. He is 67 and a life long smoker. First week he was in good health the second week he was in bed sick. Then he was taken to the ER by my sister in law on a Friday night, she did not bother to call us. He was extremely dehydrated (14 IVs) and had pneumonia. The next day (the 9th) he was in the ICU on oxygen, then tubed, that two weeks all of us thought we were going to loose him for sure. I would drive an hour to take my husband lunch and some clothes and he would just break down. No woman especially while pregnant should have to see her husband like that and have to hold together her family and pretend like it will be okay. We later found out that he has ARDS and his kidneys are failing. As of 2 days ago it seems he is getting better so our hope is back.

On Sunday I got sick. Sister and law and her kids all have fever, strep throat, ear infections, so I assumed the worse. We went to the Dr. Monday, he said no inflection so I should be okay in a few days. Monday night we (husband and I) stayed up until 2am fighting my fever with Tylenol and cold compresses on the forehead and under the arms. All day Tuesday same thing. Tuesday night the fever finally started to break on its own around 9pm. The good news my husband got to spend 2 days with his daughter and putting her to sleep at night so now she is down to 1 feeding a day at nap time. I am not back in perfect health, but that will take time for my chest to clear itself.

Wait there this is only the half of it....

We got a call on Monday (the same day I went to the Dr.) that my husband's cousin, his second brother, had a brain aneurysm and was in the hospital in Egypt and will likely need to be flown out of the country to get the proper help. The bleeding stopped on its own so we are also hopeful on this front.

Then I am online today wondering why my dad is home from work. I find out my cousins (step) granddaughter (who is 1 month older than my own daughter) was abused (found broken bones that were mending on their own) and allowed to drown in the bathtub completely unsupervised. They are going to the little girls funeral today. She is survived by her 3 older sisters. The mom of the little girl is the same age as me and had you told me this would have happened 10+ years ago when I first met the now mother (who is in jail) I would have said you were insane. It makes me so sick. The little girl died on Saturday February 16th. R.I.P.

So now it is time to dry my tears, the month ends tomorrow.

March is bring us a new state (new city) a new home which is still TBD, so it is bitter sweet. I am sad because I have lived within 100 miles of my birth place my whole life, and all my memories are here. My daughter is the 8th generation of my family to be born in California, and the very first generation was within 30 miles of where I was born. It almost seems wrong that my second child will be born in another state, but at the same time after this month I couldn't be more ready for a change.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

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Monday, February 04, 2008


My laptop is wearing out and we won't have money to replace it. We are moving in 1 month. Trying to get everything worked out on a house. I am 5 months pregnant. The management wants to show our apartment to people on a waiting list even though there is nothing to show since there is barely walking space on a good day. I have boxes and toys everywhere. Cloth diapers hanging over the shower door and I am not about to vacuum or clean anything for the sake of a stranger.

In good news Zuzu slept through the night 2 nights ago, but last night was a failure.