Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Made my own wrap

G wasn't very happy in the ergo like Z use to be, so I had some green cotton knit laying around and make my own wrap out of that. It seems a little more comfortable but he still hates it.

That was 2-3 weeks ago. Now we are back to the ergo and he is such a big boy he sits in it normally. With Z we didn't do that until 6 months.

Each child is obviously different, I knew it but I guess I didn't realize how true it could be.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cherios and high chair toy down!!

Z was just laying on the ground and all of a sudden she starts peeing like a boy. It starts shooting up in the air, she peed in the bowl of cherios she was munching on and this little toy that fits inside the tray of her fisher price booster seat (that I just got out for her brother this morning) and of course on the carpet.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have been pretty busy. Potty training, sick babies, making good food for my husband to eat (Ramadan), going to parks, swimming lessons, teaching Z some preschool level skills.
Then music lessons are starting this week and family coming next week.

I am very much enjoying my new van. It brings a new level of freedom.
Where am I going to nurse my son, where am I going to change his diaper, and how am I going to keep an eye on my daughter while I do all that? Not to mention have have more than enough trunk space now I can start getting some craigslist deals since I now have the means to get items myself versus sending my husband out when ever he has the time. (I really want to to get G a jumperoo in the next couple of weeks.)

In other news the economy is really suffering. I see the pros and cons in this. Good because now those crazy housing prices are finally starting to adjust back down to normal levels, but bad because my husband is too scared of the economy to buy a house. Maybe the November election will bring some good change with the new year.

Friday, September 12, 2008

All in a days work....

throw-up in bed, blue paint in carpet, coffee table coasters soaked in urine (don't ask)....

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sunday, September 07, 2008


I finally got my minivan. (I was supposed to get it before G was born.)

We were going to get the Odyssey but DH is a techy so he wanted some bells and whistles. He fell in love with this model a year ago when we rented one for a week.

We brought home mama's new baby....
A '08 Sienna XLE Limted with Dvd, leather, laser cruise, and bluetooth and some other fancy toys.

If you are bored here is an entertaining story....

We went to one dealer to get Costco pricing. We get their unload the kids and she says....I have the '08 at the other lot, let me get a car you can follow me. (Well at first she wate us to ride with her over...um hello two car seats lady....)
So we get to the other lot and unload the kids again.
"look as this beauty I drove over pre-owned '06 with 39K miles dvd, navigation, laser cruise...the works, only $31xxx."
The cars are all locked and they are all the '09. "I just wanted you to see them for color and feel them" (okay smoke much weed lady??) We tell her what we want, she says "that package doesn't exsist" I told her I just saw it last weekend. About 2-3 more times we tell her what we want and she continues to tell us that doesn't exists. Then she says we should go
She says let's go back, I can talk to my manager, and get some VIN to look up the costco pricing on.
We get back in our car the man & I are like this lady is crazy. We told her what we wanted, she said she had it in stock and all we wanted was a price. Now she is just wasting our time & she wants us to sit for 2 hours to get a price because she has to find the car by talking to her manager, searching the state, & typing in VINs....let's go. DH said let's just go and not say anything...if she asks we will say the kids were done. I told him, no I might be bringing our car their for service so we better just say thanks but no thanks.

Anyway we traveled to another dealer where we knew they had our car in stock & got it for about $1k more than the '06 the crazy lady showed us.

7 weeks

That is how long it took to loose 10lbs. I haven't had any junk food. When I crave it, I just try to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy clothes and that reminds me that I can do without.

At this rate I hope to start to fit in my old clothes in 2 more months.