Monday, April 27, 2009

Home schooling

I spent all of last week (8 hours a day) researching home schooling materials. I must have book marked 15 books and 20 sites. After all that work I went to Costco on Friday and they had 3 packs of Kumon books for $12.99 that were age appropriate. Right now the two I am focusing on is "Cutting" and "Tracing."
Cutting just requires your child to cut along the grey line. It starts off very simple and then progresses into cutting out fun things your child can play with. Yesterday she cut out a train that I taped together and today a she cut out two combs. We are currently on lesson 8 in the book.
Tracing is not really tracing right now as much as it is...draw a line from this point to that point and stay inside the lines. It will get her ready to write her own name by herself.
We also have "Coloring" and "Easy Mazes." Coloring has the child color in a shape within a picture, then a page of connecting two points without touching any objects along the way. Easy Mazes so far is very similar to the tracing book.
Our set also included "Upper Case Letters" and "Numbers 1-30." Both of those involve tracing the actual letters or numbers so I plan to wait until we finish a couple of the other books first.

After doing all my home school reseach I have decided that Zuzu will be starting a basic Kindergarten homeschool ciriculum this fall. The home school material is very basic and she already knows most of the academics covered in the programs I am interested in using with her. Right now I am thinking of using Oak Meadows and some Enki stories and then throwing in some more academic materials as we progress.

In other news I can squeeze into my smallest much so that I could wear them, but they just aren't comfortable. I am still hanging out at 126 but I am starting to get a waist back slowly. Must get down a little more by June....

Monday, April 20, 2009


It has begun. The open discussion of when to have child #3. I am excited to have another child, but the thought seems pre-mature since G is not even eating one solid meal a day. Then part of me thinks maybe it would be for the better just to have the closeness in age.
Did I mention my husband would like a March/April ('10) baby...

G just had his first swimming lesson yesterday. He looked so handsome in his little shorts. He is pretty fearless and calm in the water. He stuck his head down in the water numerous times and it never phased him.