Thursday, July 29, 2010

Almost 36 weeks

I had another NST earlier this week. The kids did better this time. After the 20 minutes of being monitored. The nurse comes in to check on me and says, "Oh, I see you had a few contractions. Did you feel any?" I only felt one. That same night I had a little run of little contractions that I could actually feel, but as you can see I am still here. :) It appears I have also stopped gaining weight. I am holding steady at 164. I usually go up to 167 with pregnancies.

We have company coming over this weekend...and last minute company last night. I have been cleaning and preparing all week. I am exhausted, but I get little bouts of energy. I still want to clean out the fridge, clean my room, and finish cleaning my bathroom. I also have a little bit of baby related laundry I want to get done before they arrive, but if it never gets loss.

In teenager news, I get so frustrated at half ass jobs and then being told, "Why don't you say thank you?" "You don't like me..." sniffle, cry, sniffle. "Can you give me a ride to X?" Seriously 16, almost 17 and still having pity parties and crying. This is what happens when you baby your child past 4 or 5 and give him (or her) everything they ask for and do everything for him or her.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I feel better

I finally meet the new OB today. It was such a relief. I feel like things are coming together. She actually knows the OB that delivered Z. She was really nice and had a positive attitude (which I really like and need.)

I was having cramping all morning. About 2-3 an hour. They stopped when I laid on my left side and did my NST. I only had one little one in 20 minutes. The nurse gave me water juice and crackers. Sure enough, G spilled the water all over the floor. I felt so bad, but at least it was water. Both kids did really well considering we were there for an hour and a half.

Z has her dance classes now and I noticed that the day she has the class she wants mama and has a hard time sleeping at night. I talked to her and it appears that she is not comfortable with the idea of mama leaving her (with a stranger.) She doesn't cry or get upset in dance class, but she is just attached to her mama. I am hoping with time it gets better and I am glad I am doing this now instead of next year when she starts school. I think 4 is a good age to try out some independence.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good News

I am still here and still big and growing. I have moved the seat in the car back 2 times now. If I move it back any more I won't be able to reach the pedals (short legs). If my belly grows as much as it has in the last two weeks, in the next two weeks, I won't be able to fit in there to drive it.

Aside from perishables and toiletries my hospital bag is packed enough. Most of the 0-3 month clothes are washed as well as blankets. I have a pack of newborn diapers. I just have to prep the car and was the cover to the baby swing and I think I might be ready.

If I had to bet money I would say 3 more weeks from today. We have guests coming at the end of the month, so my next goal is to make it through that visit. Then we may have a guest or send the 16 year old to his mom the following weekend, so if that happens, I need to wait until he gets back because he is our babysitter should we need one in a pinch.

Z is enjoying her dance class. G is just having fun being a boy and taking apart things. 16 year old started his job and has been complaining and arguing about everything possible for the last week. He must like his room...

Husband hasn't resolved a week+ old fight, because it would mean admitting he was wrong. The more I look at us, the more I realize I have become more like him (for the better) and he has become more like me (for the worse). I guess I only have myself to blame... :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Graco Turbo Booster Roanoke

Now that Z is 4 years old I moved her to a booster car seat. You know it is about time when they start buckling and unbuckling the car seat and they are over 40" and very close to 40lbs.

It also helped because her brother outgrew his car seat so it was time for everyone to do an upward shift.

I was just going to get her a generic Graco Turbo booster for $50 at Target or online but then when I saw it it just looked uncomfortable. If we only did local trips it would be a great seat, but I am sure there will be a few 800 mile trips done using this seat so I decided to keep looking for something a little better but still under $100.

Reviews online said the Roanoke model had better padding and an added pillow as well as the ability to recline a bit. Z and I went to Toys R Us and checked it out. I pulled a few seats off of the shelf and let her try them out and sure enough she liked the Roanoke the best.

It has an extra pillow at the head and an extra pillow at the back, both are removal able. The seat also is a little more padded than some of it's cheaper counter parts. It also has EPS foam, on the reviews it was debatable for the cheaper counterparts. At 4o" Z uses the seat on the 2nd to lowest setting. The seat itself says it goes from 38" - 57" and 30-100lbs.

Z is now happy and excited so we are all happy. Now I am just going to be that paranoid mom the double checks her daughters seat belt all the time :)

It must be hard to be a man

Yes a venting session....feel free to skip.

Background: We spend $1500 a month on food/clothing and we are trying to cut down and make sure there is no waste. DH has several techy wants (iphone, laptop, and our TV has been struggling) and we could always use extra money to do little improvements on the house.

Yesterday I needed 7-8 things from the store and I wrote it out to the detail (2 gallons of a specific brand of milk because most others taste awful, a watermelon, 5 limes, cheese, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, optional as it was Z's request for pizza, and a chocolate candy bar for me.) I was going to go and it would have taken me all of 20 minutes. My husband insisted on going. He was gone for an hour and a half. Should have totaled $30-40.

I called him an hour and 20 minutes in and asked him if he was doing okay and coming home soon. He said, "I had to go to lots of stores." To which I reply, I thought you would just go to the store 5 minutes away that had everything. Next time mama will just go."

Come to find out he was on the phone with his mom too (long distance) so that is why he was so short with me. (Usually he just says, I am on the other line, I'll be home in 10 minutes.)

He comes back with a 30 lbs watermelon (we struggle to eat 15lbs before it goes bad), a box of croissants, a huge bag of rolls, another smaller bag of french bread, salsa, 3 gallons of milk that tastes like cardboard (because of the container the company uses and he knows this from our past experiences), mushrooms, 3 limes, sundried tomatoes, a huge box of ritz crackers, jalapeno, and 5 lbs of cheese (that we also agreed not to use anymore because it contains hormones). He easily spent $100.

When I saw all the food I was upset. I just spend $125 on food two days ago and now he just spent another $100 mostly on stuff we didn't need and other stuff nobody wants. Now he is feeding the kids croissants while the cherries I bought, the salad I made all go bad. When he saw I was upset, he said, if you don't like it don't eat it. So I didn't.

I was busy uploading pictures last night (since the grandma's have been requesting it for a month) and husband was busy in the kitchen making pizza. He says, I need help. I say, okay I need to finish this up and then I will come help. I get in the kitchen and he used all the plates for cutting up pizza toppings (instead of the cutting board like we normally do) and there were no plates for dinner and we wanted me to stand there and wash them all.

Seriously! I can't stand for more than 5 minutes without being in pain. I have one girl lip that is always 2-3 times bigger than the other. And I am no wimp....2 unmedicated child births and honestly the last one didn't hurt until it was time to get the head out.

He cleaned up after himself last night which was awesome and I thanked him for (he usually just leaves it all for me.) He started the kids to bed, but then was really pissy and short with them, so I took over and sent him away.

This morning I try to talk to him. So I go out to the garage to let him know my side. It started out cool, but then he tried his guilt trip of....I was just trying to help. This is the same BS the 16 year old gives when he just what he wants to do to help and doesn't do what he is asked to do. My husband continue tries to say he is just trying to help and I told him yes and I thanked you for the kitchen and I explained to him why he should have not bought all that food to which he replied don't eat it then.

He just starts backing out of the garage, not willing to find a happy ending to the conversation. Just being stubborn and blaming me for getting upset at him, not taking any of the responsibility himself so I punch his hood. I am fuming. Why must he always run away without taking any responsibility. Then I punch the garage door. Then I move all his food downstairs including the 30 lb water melon. He is going to eat all his shit and no one else is going to help him.

Poor him....booo freaking hoo...

Ironically I know he is just being pissy because he hasn't had sex in a long time and it looks like it won't happen anytime in the next 3 months. Let's see your left ball swell up 2 times bigger than normal and tell me how that makes you feel.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Slow down!! Almost 33 weeks.

Three evenings this week I have had a little bit of contractions....not the real ones just the ones that make you acknowledge discomfort.

Today I have had my tingly feeling that I usually get and then loose the mucous plug within 24 hours....which usually intern leads to labor within another 24 hours. Yeah I am thinking this one is different and better be different :)

The baby did have a serious case of the hiccups today which was good because it tells me that if this little one comes early we should be okay.

I did find an OB yesterday that is willing to take me on and I have my first appointment with her in 2 weeks. I hope and think I should be able to hold this baby in until then at least. By then baby should be around 6lbs too, a nice healthy weight.

I want baby to be here soon, but I just don't want baby to be here too soon. I want baby to be ready to come home with me and room in with me. I need to do some laundry and wash the ol' infant carrier seat....and pick up a pack or two of diapers...and pack a bag.

I think it is going to be a busy weekend....

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Moving on

I passed the 3 hour glucose test. It was so much easier than I thought, but came home with 4 new holes in my arms.

I am still in search of an OB/ has been a week and I have made so many phone calls. I hope I get someone who is willing to take me on in the next few days.

Over the weekend we got the 16 year old an electronic drum set. He has a love of drums and use to play before his world got flipped upside down. He wasn't too thrilled at electronic but now that he has them he truly loves them. Every free available moment is spent drumming. If everything works out he should have his first job starting next week. Things are starting to look up for him, hopefully he realizes it and stays on the ball so that things continue to go well for him.

Z started her dance lessons this week. I let her out of my sight for 30 minutes (the class is 45) and under the supervision of a stranger. We both did better than I expected. G and I got to spend a little time together to, so hopefully it was beneficial to us all.