Thursday, May 28, 2009

2 weeks later

I am home.
Two weeks ago my husband was fed up with my sister in law letting the 15 year old do everything he wanted. So 10am I decided I needed to load up the kids and go do something about it. We left at noon, AKA nap time. We stopped once at a rest stop, then spent the night in Eugene. Then Friday morning we left at 4am and I drove till 6am with the kids sleeping. Then we had breakfast and we were in Redding at 9ish. Then Modesto by 2:30, after a couple of stops. We spent the weekend with my parents and then the week with my sister in law.
I spent 5 out of the 6 weekdays I was there, at the court house doing temporary guardianship paperwork and I am still not done yet. My sister in law is a very messed up person, and my guidance helped in some areas, but I could easily spend a month there. (Think the nanny tv show, but the nanny with 2 kids of her own, cause that is what it was.)
Yesterday we (Z, G, & 15 year old A) left California at 7am for home. We stopped for an early lunch, then left Redding at noon and made it to Eugene by 5pm. We arrived home before 11pm last night.
While I was away my husband put up the stairway gate, organized his closet, cleaned, did laundry, bought a table and lamp for Z.

So now we are 5...

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Wait there is more

We just found out my husband's aunt (her son is my husband's BFF, so to speak) has stage 4 cancer.
Another roller coaster year ahead....Hope you all are strapped in tight.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Wanted: 3 houses

So on one side we have my mom, fighting cancer and will hopefully under go steam cell in the next 2 months. Next to her we have my dad, who has managed to do damage to his spinal cord (who works as a laborer, I might add.) Who are "taking" care of my brother, who has schizophrenia. On the other side we have my husband's father who is recovering from pneumonia that put him in the ICU for 2 months (a year ago), and his wife (my mother in law) who has her diabetes under control. Then we have my sister in law who is having herself a pitty party after finally getting out of a 16 year marriage that she knew she should have never got into. She wants someone to hold her hand and her excuse for life is "my life is hard so I can't help it that I stay up till 2am cleaning and watching religious videos and then can't get out of bed at 6:30 to get my kids to school on time." Now her two oldest children say the exact same thing. "My life is hard so I can't help it if I smoke pot everyday" and "My life is hard so I can't help it if I lie and make shit up" (even though I know better.)
Who needs Jerry Springer when you have family...oh and I almost forgot...we have my brother in law who bought a 2009 Dodge Ram and just spent $18K on parts to make it totally white trash like, because he likes to "take care of his baby" who is going to sale when the 2010's come out (so he can start all over.) Then my brother who in general is doing well and hopefully his wife can find a job soon and they can both help take care of my parents.
So just to be safe, let's make it 4 houses on 5-10 acres or 4 houses right next to each other. Thank God our parents have enough money to sustain themselves for now and hopefully they will have enough money to help us buy/build all these houses.

Friday, May 01, 2009

11 months later

As you can tell I am still not down to where I need to be, but I am mostly content. I am also wearing my $5 jeans from Macy's children's department. The little man G was 23 lbs and over 31" long today.