Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just shoot me

G had his circumcision on Friday. He had it done at one of the top 5 children's hospitals in the US, but that didn't make it any easier. He couldn't eat/nurse starting at 1am the day before and he went into surgery an hour late. I took my boy back because I didn't want him to have "happy juice" the last thing I want is more drugs and chemicals in his little system. It was so weird and sad being without him for 2 hours. His little pee pee looked horrible. I am a girl and I wanted to cry looking at it from how painful it looked. He was feeling good on drugs most of the first day and by the second day he was dancing around and having a good time. It still looks scary but it is getting better. Needless to say...don't wait. If you are going to do it, do it while your boy is a month old or less.

Sunday night basically we discussed it and of course it is all my fault that Z stutters. As soon as I come under a good amount of stress her stuttering becomes 3 times worse. Will my husband help me aliveate my problems, no. Besides the teenager and all the issues I am dealing with there my mom is undergoing a lot of different things with her cancer and everyday is like a roller coaster. Sunday night I asked for 5 minutes of peace outside on our little 3x12 balcony and instead of giving it to me, my husband stands in the door with G asking me to come in and take him. WTF? Does he not understand that I need 5 minutes with everything going on in my life. Luckily he finally took G and went to bed and I was able to talk to a friend which made me feel better and semi-human again. On top of that I am always hungry and tired and feel like shit. So either I am going to come up pregnant again soon or aunt flo is on her way.

Yesterday was good. We all got out, we all made friends and we got fresh air and exercise. Today we spent the morning out running errands and this afternoon back inside destroying the house and yelling at each other. Seriously I am at my wits end. I know we need a yard and space to move. I wish I could just magically pick a house and plop down the money and be done with it all. (Heck just finding a house that meets our needs that isn't a 1 hour commute for my husband would be nice.) At least tomorrow we get out to the park with other humans again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


SIL came this weekend to visit her boy. She got here.

Day one. Internet. Had to take quizes and then pass a test to clear a speeding ticket (45 in a school zone.) She takes the test she has to pass twice, both times not passing. Then she has her son take it for her, and of corse he passes it. A comes up proud that he knows his stuff and tells us he passed his mom's test. Baba and I tell him that is not okay, I tell him straight up, that is cheating. He tried to make excuses, I said, No that is cheating. His mother comes up about 1 minute behind him, saying "I passed my test." I looked up with a pissed off look in my eye and say, "You mean A passed the test for you??!!" (Did I mention she is a horrible driver and she would benefit from learning the street laws.)

Day 2. She is around when we have a conversation with A about how he may have had coffee when he lived with his mom but under no circumstances is he to have it before he is 18 while living with us. (A get easily addicted to things.) Later that day we pick A and his mom up from Target. She gets in the car we ask her, "Where is A?" "Getting coffee for us both." Baba replies, A and I just had a conversation this morning that he is to have no coffee. She replies, "Well, can't a mother treat her son." To which I reply, "No, he will have absoulutly NO COFFEE! It is NOT okay." (Had she kept going I would have said, why don't you just take him back with you and just buy him some weed while you are at it.) She was smart though, she knew to shut up. Luckily A knows, that when we say, no, we actually mean no, and he got himself a kid friendly treat. Then we told him we were proud of him for making a good choice.

There were also little other things that made me upset. She spent most of her time here on her mothers laptop. She basically flew here to use our internet I guess. While she was online, her son was just sitting around playing video games...nothing like old times. At one point I just disconnected the internet, about 20 minutes later she went out with her son to spend some time with him.
She wanted to help teach Zuzu Arabic...failed! Zuzu speaks and understands Arabic just fine (as well if not better than her own children), but she thought she needed to say a word in Arabic and then explain what is was in English. This is a person who was running her own Arabic school out of her house a year ago and who teaches at a preschool. Obviously she has no idea how to even teach (especailly a 2nd language.)

When the cheating thing came up I told my husband that he needed to address it with her, but he said it wasn't necessary because their parents are dealing with her. I told him so what we should just let her think that what she did was okay and let her continue to f-up the other 2 children?? Our walls are thin. I really hope she heard this part.

So she lies and cheats....does she steal (unknowingly) too??