Monday, April 27, 2015

Give me back my body

In a month I turn 35. I am constently fighting my body. I'll admit I like food, but can I please eat without gaining every single pound.

I am now struggling just to stay under 140lbs. A month ago I was struggling to stay under 137. What happened? Life. I went on 1 over night trip and ate out 3 meals. Leading up to it I took about 10 days off from exercising. Aparently not a wise choice.

Enough complaining...

2 years ago I tried the Tupler Technique to get my body some what back into it's original shape. It helped until I stopped wearing it daily, then everything went back to blah. I have been wearing the splint/belt on and off for the last 2 years. I decided I needed to start wearing it again regularly...well the velcro is done.

I decided to go hard core and look into corsets. I spent some time looking around and stumbled upon Orchard Corset. I fell in love. Cotton, sturdy, and great reviews. I ordered the 426 S and it arrived in less than a week.

Please excuse my dirty mirror.
 The gaps on the top and bottom are normal for about the first week as I am still breaking in the corset. For reference I am 5'2" with a longer torso.

I really like it. I just wish it was already broke in or that is was perfectly acceptable to wear a corset (on the outside of clothes.) I love the look of a corset, but I don't think I can pull it off as an everyday outfit.

Now with the help of my online friends I am hoping to weigh 135 for my 35th.

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