Saturday, October 24, 2015

Homeschooling confirmation

Homeschooling is hard work and nothing is better than confirmation that you made the right choice and your children will be successful. It's even better when you get solid tangible proof.

Once a year we are required to test our children and to keep a record. Two weeks ago we completed our tests. Some of the social studies I was a bit concerned about because we cover world history, not baby bites of US History like in public schools. That area I expected to be a little low. 

Got the test results back one child in the 88th percentile and one child in the 99th percentile (there is no 100th percentile...I checked since got all answers correct except for two subjects.) 

I just wasn't sure if I was truly doing an adequate job, but if we can keep this up I will feel good about their progress, and hopefully doubting myself and my choice. 

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