Monday, September 22, 2014

1 month down

This week we will be completing one month of homeschooling. 

I have talked to other mothers who have children at our old school. 

Normal stresses I am missing out on:
- PTSA meeting with new principal
- Program I used to coordinate has no coordinator and they will likely drop the program
- School Fundraising Program (no nagging kids, emails, or letters begging for $200)"
- Picking up the kids up and rushing to extra curricular activities.
- Nightly homework struggles and short notice projects
- Worrying about Common Core in all its weirdness

Things I actually miss:
- Morning walks to the bus stop
- A quite(r) house
- Going places with only 1 child

Things I love about homeschooling:
- Completing the days (school) work by 9:30am
- Knowing what my children have learned and need to improve on
- Attending some extra curricular activities during the day
- Having extra help around the house
- Educational Outings 

I am still learning/improving upon:
- Our routines and schedule
- Adding more hands on activities to our week
- Organizing topics and materials (long term)
- Making sure the kids learn everything they should including the stuff I think is boring 

I really am struggling with activities to fill our down time (20-30 minutes here and there). I want activities that are educational, not boring, require no real prep for me, and not in front of a screen. Yes they already read 20-120 minutes a day. Thinking about getting a mini trampoline and slowly working towards a game/exercise room in the basement (since it rains a lot)...but it will take 5 years to complete this plan. :/


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